Friendship Day: Good Ol’ Memories

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Today is Friendship’s day. I am not the person who would actually celebrate this day with 100 of people. I am a one friend only, kind of friend. I have just one friend, best friend, soul mate, partner in crime (Call me a bore). On this day, while I am sitting in my empty apartment, I can think of the good old college days. This was around 10 years ago! Sh*t! I am old!

Anyway, the only days I miss from college is the time when me and my BFF used to bunk lectures, go for movies, instead! Those Rs. 50/- tickets of First day, First show were the best things ever and cherry on the top was the Samosa and cold drink to go with it!

10 years after, I now realise that me and my BFF have actually spent a life time together. You don’t realise a person is your soul mate, overnight. It takes an effing life time! I remember the days when we used to bunk lectures and sit on the stairs near the terrace and talk about ‘Our dreams – Love, Family, Life, Ambition, Serials, Movies’. We used to talk about everything from pin to elephant!

When I see college girls travelling in train and see them bonding so well and trying to know each other, I see me and BFF in them; however, I wonder if they would even close to what we were – rather are! Me and She are still in touch and talk almost every day. But there’s a change of time, place, activities. My dinner is her lunch – and my lunch is her sleeping time! There’s a time in the middle of the night, I miss her ‘cuz I don’t get to talk to her and there are times in the middle of the day, when she misses me when she can’t speak to me as I am at work.

Even though there’s this distance, it won’t hamper our friendship – I hope! We have been inseparable for 11 years almost (I think – I have stopped counting now) even now though we are apart, we’re still very much together!

On this friendship day, I would like to dedicate this post to my BFF whom I don’t meet every day, but she will be a part of me, ALWAYS!

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