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Today is Friendship’s day. I am not the person who would actually celebrate this day with 100 of people. I am a one friend only, kind of friend. I have just one friend, best friend, soul mate, partner in crime (Call me a bore). On this day, while I am sitting in my empty apartment, I can think of the good old college days. This was around 10 years ago! Sh*t! I am old!

Anyway, the only days I miss from college is the time when me and my BFF used to bunk lectures, go for movies, instead! Those Rs. 50/- tickets of First day, First show were the best things ever and cherry on the top was the Samosa and cold drink to go with it!

10 years after, I now realise that me and my BFF have actually spent a life time together. You don’t realise a person is your soul mate, overnight. It takes an effing life time! I remember the days when we used to bunk lectures and sit on the stairs near the terrace and talk about ‘Our dreams – Love, Family, Life, Ambition, Serials, Movies’. We used to talk about everything from pin to elephant!

When I see college girls travelling in train and see them bonding so well and trying to know each other, I see me and BFF in them; however, I wonder if they would even close to what we were – rather are! Me and She are still in touch and talk almost every day. But there’s a change of time, place, activities. My dinner is her lunch – and my lunch is her sleeping time! There’s a time in the middle of the night, I miss her ‘cuz I don’t get to talk to her and there are times in the middle of the day, when she misses me when she can’t speak to me as I am at work.

Even though there’s this distance, it won’t hamper our friendship – I hope! We have been inseparable for 11 years almost (I think – I have stopped counting now) even now though we are apart, we’re still very much together!

On this friendship day, I would like to dedicate this post to my BFF whom I don’t meet every day, but she will be a part of me, ALWAYS!

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Written by Chaotic Soul

Ashmita Chatterjee is a Creative Writer/Blogger from Mumbai. She is an Enthusiast, Straight Forward girl who has found joy in Writing Blogs. Ashmita is a Loud Creator of Amazing Blogs, Short Stories and Erotica at Chaoticsoulzzz! She started her blog in 2011. When Ashmita is not being very busy, she can be found Writing, Reading, Eating, or Recklessly Travelling with her loved ones. She is known by the name of @chaoticsoulzzz on her Twitter and Instagram.


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