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I don’t understand why we girls can’t be like boys. If you notice, men have a different and much stronger bonding with their buddies; however, we women tend to fight like cats. We lack Girl Love a lot in our day to day life.

I travel in the ladies compartment of Churchgate Local which is a Fast Train and is undoubtedly crowded in the peak hours. It isn’t that men don’t have crowd in their compartment, but as compared to ladies compartment there’s more peace in the gent’s compartment.  I travel in the peak hour and I see a lot of quarrel in the compartment.And honestly, I dislike so much of unnecessary noise around me.

They say, the way you start your morning, is the way your day is formed. If we start our day with a quarrel, would that be a Stress Buster for anyone? No!

We need to start loving each other. Let’s start with small places like a train’s compartment and then go to World Love.

Here’s a list of things I am going to start spread some Girl Love in the World:

1. Hug myself: As Carrie Bradshaw said, “Don’t forget to fall in love with yourself, first.” I need to start loving myself more than expecting people to love me. The moment I start loving myself, I will be happier and cheerful.

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2. Hug my mom: It all begins from home, doesn’t it? The first thing to do in the morning is to hug my mom, because no matter how mature I become and how much I grow in life, she would still be the same mother who has the rights to yell at me at my wrong deeds.

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3. Smile at everyone: I board the train with the intention to grab a good seat. I forget to smile at the co-travelers. I need to glue a smile on my face, even though the person might be unknowingly or knowingly hurting me or being rude to me. I am not trying to do Gandhigiri here, but it is just that, I believe in Karma. If I smile, I get a smile in return!

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4. Give seat to other women: In the Mumbai local trains, once a person has bagged a seat, it is very difficult to give it up to someone else. I don’t know why but it feels like an achievement to get a seat in the train in peak hours. I will try to give my seat to someone who has been standing for a long time and could rest for a bit.

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5. Be humble at work: I am not a very difficult person to be with, professionally. I am the professional one who talks politely and behaves appropriately and hardly lose my temper. However, at times when I do lose my temper, I either am resentful or I go silent. Both are worse traits of me. But I would try my level best to be humble to everyone at work. I tend to gel up quite well with the guys, but with girls, I might have some conflicts and difference in opinion and I need to work on that!

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These small five things won’t harm me in any way, but can help me in spreading some Girl Love. I would request all of you to also try these things and please comment below to let me know, if these things have changed your life.

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