10 Comfort Food For Every Soul

For Sizzling Saturday, I have been doing a lot of thinking and the only thing that comes to me is Food! Food is one such thing that not only helps to fill you up but also makes your mood go from worse to  pleasant. Every person have their own comfort food – something that brings a smile in your tummy…!

Also, I know I am late for this post. I was busy with my cousins and that’s why I couldn’t post this earlier…

10 Comfort Food That Can Bring A Smile In Your Tummy, Instantly:

  1. Mac and Cheese:

The authentic Mac and Cheese is something that is loved by all. Add a little chicken to this marvelous dish and see you and your family will become a fan of it, instantly.

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  1. Maggi:

Who doesn’t like the 2 minutes wonder? The ultimate night time snack when your mother is sleeping and all you need is that something to fill you up…

  1. Potato Chips:

Super UnHealthy but the best friend you can have when you have nothing to munch on. These have been my comfort foods during all those times when I sat through the night to complete articles.

  1. Deem Sheddo with Aloo Bhatey (Boiled eggs with mashed potatoes):

All the Bongs out there would “at this very moment” say, “Ahhhh! I want to eat this.” This is the most comforting food any Bong could ever have. The simplest of all and the most loved…

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Picture Courtesy
  1. Sweet Corn Chicken Soup:

This one is the best comfort food when it comes to a sick day. A hot chicken soup that is good for your sickness and also brings a smile to your tummy has to be a comfort food.

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  1. KFC’s Hot Wings:

This post isn’t sponsored by KFC but one of the comfort food for me is not just any chicken wings, but KFC’s Hot Wings! It is simply ‘finger lickin’ good!!!’

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  1. Khichdi and Tomato Chutney from Durga Pujo Bhog:

Not just any Daal Khichdi, but the one prepared at Durga Puja Pandals in Mumbai. Along with this scrumptious Daal Khichdi the sweet Tomato Chutney is something that will make your tummy do somersaults.

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  1. Bun Maska and Chai (Big Bun with Butter and Tea):

Generous amount of butter spread all over the inside of a big Bun along with a mug of hot tea, is another comfort food that you should try!

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  1. Half Fried Eggs with Bread:

This is usually the favourite Sunday breakfast at my house. The simplest of all, just two half fried eggs with a little salt and pepper with breads can be a complete soothing option for your breakfast.

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  1. Rosogulla:

I know, my blog posts are biased towards Bengali Food. I have grown up and have been living in a very much Bengali Foodie Household. Rosogulla is a sweet and very rich, but one rosogulla is never enough. This is the comfort food I would love to be stuck with for the rest of my life. Recently I had the K.C. Das Rosogulla and became a fan of theirs (Again, this post is not sponsored by K.C. Das).

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These were some comfort food that I find very relaxing and yes these are the food that makes my tummy smile every time I see them on my plate.

Comment below and tell me your comfort food.

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