The Unexpected

I lost my job at the start of the year. And honestly, I haven’t been looking for anything concrete since then. I have been working and doing small jobs but not really for making a career out of them. But now I think I have exhausted all the time I had in the world to linger around. I have decided to take up a job in the field of writing. I am very keen to search for a job for self happiness.

The salary in my dream job won’t be as I had while working as a Team Leader in a BPO, but at least I will have something I love to do. Also, I will learn a lot of things, which will be beneficial for my blog. I have decided to start writing my dream novel. I am also going to learn a lot from the Google and YouTube with regards to how to go about with it.

I am also eager to move out. It is just a big girl dream. I love my family and especially my mom, but I want to move out, maybe in the same city or some other city and know the real challenge of living alone. I am not going to disown my family, but I just need to make some big girl decisions. So moving out is one of the plan that is on my mind. I might do it by the mid of 2016, if everything goes as per my plan.

A book

Full-fledged blogging and a writing job

Moving out

These are the three unexpected things I need to do.

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Love yourself!

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