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As a child, I always wanted a ‘happily ever after’ life. As and when I grew older, I realized there is nothing known as happily ever after. Every fairy tale always said, “And they lived happily ever after”, because these stories never narrated what happened after the end of the specific story.

Many movies from the 90’s and even today, we usually have a ‘happily ever after’ ending. I find it very non-realistic. There is no way a family or two individuals are leading a happily ever after. Life, changes at every stage for every individual. And a commoner like me or you will have more than one up’s and downs’. In fact our life is made up of these different events that can happen at any given time. No one can ever say, “this was the last problem of my life that I’ve overcome and from now onwards I am going lead a happily ever after life. Frankly, if you are saying so, you are most probably God and know the future.

However, a post happily ever after life will have problems but you’ll know that you’ve achieved what you had thought you would once you are in the future.

Am I living a happily ever after life???

Nope. I am certainly not in the happily ever after life yet. But it isn’t so far for me. I have a long life to go and a lot of things to be achieved. The most important thing that I have to achieve is making my blog super famous with good quality content. Also, having my book published.

Once I have my book published and my blog being super famous; I can say that my life is in the happily ever after mode now.

I don’t need a man to complete my life. And I am waiting for no Prince Charming to come and rescue me from my life. In fact, I want to rescue myself and then become famous enough to say that, I am my own Prince.

On that note, I would like to declare that from January, 2016; I am starting the work on my dream novel.

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