7 Must haves Clothes in your Wardrobe

Clothes for an over sized person like me is a little difficult to get in EVERY Store. There are some special stores for us. And trust me they are overpriced. But anyhow, we need to buy clothes to cover our overwhelming bodies.

7 Must haves Clothes in your Wardrobe

  1. Blue Jeans

Not a dark blue or Black Jeans but a proper light blue pair of denims works fine. It is a must’ve. Luckily, jeans are available for all sizes. For all those nights where you need to look sexy and super sporty you need at least ONE good pair of jeans.

  1. White T-Shirt

This goes with you blue denims just perfectly.  For a casual brunch with friends this would be ideal.

  1. LBD

Now-a-days, the one piece is more for ‘our’ size in the stores. One should always have at least one Little Black Dress that goes for every occasion – let be it your date night, or official dinner or just a night with family, this will be your survivor, if you have ‘Nothing to wear’.

  1. Shrug

Mumbai doesn’t have winters like Delhi or any other cities in the world, but we do have some decent winters (at times) and we need a shrug for those days/nights.

  1. Palazzo Pants

Palazzos are my new favorites. I am insanely in love with these. They give such an elite look to your outfit. One should have these for those days/nights, when you feel like going out in a Pajama but can’t. Just wear a Palazzo. If you are not aware of what Palazzos are see the picture below. Also, let me know if there’s another name for these.


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  1. Bikini/Swim Wear

Who cares what size they are? If the sellers have a bikini or a swim wear in my size I am buying those. One should always have them for the special Goa Trips.

  1. Scarves

Luckily, Mumbai doesn’t have extreme heat too. I love the scarves for protecting my hair from the windy weather.

These are 7 Must haves in your wardrobe. There are more, but these 7 are must haves for me. I need to get just the bikini now. And then my over spilling wardrobe will be complete.

Keep Blogging! Keep Reading! Keep Loving! Keep Shopping!

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