7 Reasons to cut your hair short

Being in India, a girl is judged by the length of her hair – if she’s a good or a bad girl. If a girl has short hair she might be either lesbian or a drug addict and mostly you will find a girl getting REJECTED during an arranged marriage SELECTION round if she has her hair above her shoulder. Why?

Do we REJECT guys with long hair…? Well, I would! Anyway, I was always the girl with short hair. Long hair meant headache to me. And by the way I am neither a lesbian nor a drug addict.

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7 Reasons to cut your hair short (mainly for girls)

  1. Fresh Start: There are women who’ve cut their hair short after a life changing moment in their life. So the reason could be anything from a relationship breakup to the decision of moving out of your home.
  1. Trendy: If someone’s a fashion freak and doesn’t mind trying something new, a haircut can be a massive look changer to start with.
  1. Low maintenance: If you are someone like me, who doesn’t get time to have a routine for your hair then short hair is the best. The maintenance is low. I would sleep off 30 minutes more rather than having a long hair and have a proper routine to follow for the same.
  1. Inspiration: I love Cameron Diaz especially for her haircut. She has these typical roles in most of her movies, where she is an independent, bold and fashionable woman. And I love to have my hair as short as hers.
  1. Look younger: There’s no two-way about the fact that shorter hair or at least having a hair cut makes you look younger. For girls like me who look older than their age, for us short hair is like a blessing to look our age.
  1. Liberation: We all love to have a control of our own life, don’t we? Something as petty as a new hair cut, especially in India gives the liberated feeling to the core. Making your own choices is something that makes every single person happy.
  1. Sexier: I find short hair sexier. It takes fewer efforts to look pretty in a short hair. Wash it – Blow dry it – and kaboom you are ready to go for a party!

I had a hair cut today and I love my new hair. Though there isn’t a lot of difference in my earlier and now hairstyle because my hair has always been short.

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3 thoughts on “7 Reasons to cut your hair short

  1. look sexier & younger is the best part of it 🙂
    recently my bestie tried it…all of us were surprised and her colleagues were waiting to see her new look on monday but…only to find that it was an app trick!!

    btw ppl should keep trying something new. gives you guyz a fresh new range of makeup combo and all. 🙂

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