Bad Girl?


Good Girl? Bad Girl? Who can decide this? The society? The family? Teachers? Colleagues? WHO???


I don’t think anyone in this world has a right to judge anyone. I can’t say who is bad or good. What makes a girl bad? Well today one of my colleagues made a remark on my habits and said, “A girl who drinks twice a month isn’t a good girl!” I was dead offended because some random guy just made this comment on me without knowing me. He might not even know which brand I drink or where I drink? But he certainly made the decision that I am a Bad girl because I CONSUME ALCOHOL. As per his mentality, I am a bad girl because I drink. He knows I drink because I don’t hide the fact like some of those ‘GOOD’ girls. If I drink, I drink. I love drinking occasionally. So what if my occasions come 2 times a month or so? Does that make me a bad person?


When the colleague (Let’s name him Jerk) told me that I am a bad girl; I asked him, “SO if a boy drinks same as me or more, he is bad guy too?” the Jerk laughed and denied and explained to me that it is OK for boys to drink but not girls. As in our SOCIETY girls are not supposed to drink. Alcohol was not made with Women in mind???


Now with a heated argument with him, he decided to say, “Oh come-on! I was just joking…” and left the place. I decided to think over it for a while.


What according to MEN Society is a definition of a BAD GIRL/BAD WOMAN?

BAD WOMAN/BAD GIRL: A female species who consumes alcohol like men and can still walk in the 6” inches heels with no support required along with paying her bills and calling her own cab with no fumbles is a BAD WOMAN or BAD GIRL.


Now, the above definition is obviously created on the anthropological research that I have done by being in the society.

I don’t stumble after I drink.

I don’t yell on the roads after I drink.

I don’t fumble after I drink.

I don’t break glasses after I drink.

I don’t take off my clothes after I drink.

I don’t leave the hotel without paying the bills after I drink.

I walk in the heels and a LBD with all the grace and attitude after I drink.

I read books after I drink.

I listen to music after I drink.

I don’t abuse people after I drink.

I don’t fight with the doormen at the restaurant after I drink.

I don’t need a support after I drink.

I can call my own cab after I drink.

I don’t fuck random people on the road after I drink.

I don’t drive after I drink.

There are so many things that I do and don’t after I drink, but men do most of the Don’ts noted down by me and don’t do the Do’s noted by me. So now who is a bad person? I won’t say they are, because they are the society right? I believed and debated with people outside India that India is modern today and the orthodox customs have all been washed away. But no there are some people like the JERK who are in this modern India but still LIVE in the 15th Century.

I am astonished to know that this JERK is actually studying MBA, comes from a posh Area in Mumbai and works in a BPO. I am sure he might also think that because I am working in a Call Center and I do Night Shifts and earn more than him and can handle my Drinks very nicely I am a bad woman.

Is there anything known as Bad Woman?

Definitions of a Bad Woman might change from one to other but I personally feel that there shouldn’t be such a term. But again, my feelings and thinking won’t matter. It is the SOCIETY that still runs the Indian Mentality. Drinking isn’t a ‘Good’ thing as per Indian Values. But why are these values for women alone?  Aren’t these values supposed to be for Men too?

I like men who don’t drink, but I get attracted to those who can handle their drinks and take care of their girl at the same time. Now I think that’s a Gentleman. I can’t hide things. I cannot hide that I drink or have tried cigarettes a couple of times. I have done things I wanted to and will keep doing it FOREVER. I am the Modern Indian Woman and independent enough to take smack that jaw the next time someone says who is a BAD or GOOD GIRL! I am an independent Working Girl – and I am very proud of myself. Moreover I love myself and if anyone thinks that I will change myself for some Jerky Comments on me – Well Dream ON!!! I can’t and I won’t.

Deal with the fact that there is this lady at your work place or neighborhood or family who drinks her ass off and still can manage to take care of a drunken MAN!

Dear Women out there, be yourself and be happy. There will be many out there to judge you and make harsh comments on you. Be truthful. One of my friends named Kunal just told me that a person is good as long as they haven’t harmed someone!

On that note – Let me wish you all a Happy Friday and fun filled Weekend!

Keep Writing! Keep Reading! Keep living your life as you want to! Be Yourself and Truthful!

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9 thoughts on “Bad Girl?

  1. Well written….. however I am of the opinion that if it spoils ur health u must have the control to immediately stop it….


    1. Thanks! However i believe that whats wrong in having some fun! I mean even a little more of Cheese spoils our health so does a little more everything! So in moderation consummation and little fun i don’t think its Wrong!

      However, i am glad that you liked it! Thanks!!!


  2. I have stopped giving a damn about what people say…because there will always be someone who will say the same thing over and over and over again. Don’t waste time on stupidness. Stupidness is a contagious disease. Happy week 🙂


  3. Indeed ,who are we to judge? And what is at the core of our judging? Is it not foisting our default reality onto others? And when we do this, can we gain support for our judgement?

    Loved the post.



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