Girl by the Seaside!

Being alone is one of the many other incredible traits I own. If you are in a party in which you know I am too there, but you are unable to find me, just look around and the prettiest girl with nerdy specs, loud Bengali features, beer glass in one hand and the other hand continuously fiddling with the phone is definitely me. I don’t talk to strangers. The strangers have to come and talk to me. It’s my personality that I love. And you think of changing me…? Well don’t even think of it.

Beaches and my love for it are immense. I love beaches for the water, breeze, sand etc. being on a beach is my way of getting closer to the nature. I know people from work who do adventures like Rock Climbing and River Rafting to be close to the Mother Nature. However, that’s not my way of being close to the nature. I like to keep it simple and boring.

I know many people who love beaches like I do. One of them is my BFF ‘S’. S is really a beach girl. Well about me I like all places alone. Most of them! I don’t like to go to a movie theater all alone or a restaurant, but a beach?



One day spent on a beach all alone

I would love to enter the beach late in the evening around 6 or after; so that the crowd is there but about to leave. Also it is safe at that time. Me in my khaki three fourths and a loose t-shirt with a pair of chappals! My hair tied up in an untidy bun, my mobile phone with earphones and songs playing the whole time. A few hundred tucked into my pocket. I would love to sit by the coast looking at the sunset, feeling that cold breeze over my face, listening to Kishore Kumar and maybe humming the music. Then maybe I will go on a walk with myself, taking my chappals in the hand and walking by the sea and water touching my feet. That feeling of beach water on the bare feet is amazing.

I am certainly the quietest person among the group of people but when it comes to thinking – I am the dangerously loudest person. I can think crap all the time. And I am so sure that this one evening at the beach I will be thinking all about the Past, Present and Future. It is my nature and this is one of the things I can’t change at all.

Maybe I will just keep walking by the shoreline and keep looking at the sand and the water passing through my feet. Even the feeling of being on a beach all alone by myself makes me happy…

Well I am looking forward to spend some ‘Alone’ time at the beach! Once I experience it, it will certainly be here on my blog.

Have a lovely Monday people!

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep Enjoying!

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