Announcement for Reader’s Diary

Hey People… I hope the weekend went well. I was supposed to have a long weekend this week as it is US Holiday on Monday but as always the brilliant place where I work have put me on a three weeks training for a new process. It is no wonder a very challenging thing but why did they select Monday as the first day. It is the Labor Day there and I am going to work on the US Labor Day.

By the way my schedule is going to be a bit busy the following week which means I won’t be able to update the Lust List. Hence from every week I am going to write the Lust List on every Second Sunday of every month. So let’s see you’ll next week with a New Lust List. Ideas are most welcome for blog post. Email your ideas, suggestions or if anyone wants to write a post for my blog can also send me your article through mail and I will publish it under your name.

Anyone can send posts like, reviews, lifestyle posts, suggestions for new post, Lust List: Readers Choice etc… Come ahead and make other readers smile by being a part of The Chaotic Soul!

Email me on: (chaoticsoulzzz [at] Gmail [Dot] Com)


Please attach the following form along with your mail if sending posts:

Full Name*: ­­­­­­­­­­­­­_____________________________________

Date of Birth* (DD/MM/YYYY): __/__/____

Blog Link (if any):    _____________________    

Telephone Number with Country or State Coder: ___________________________________________

City*:  __________________________

Country*: ________________________________

Address for some Chaotic Soul goodies for the future (Optional): _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

One Thing you love about Chaotic Soul: ___________________________


Please keep the Mail Subject as: ‘Reader’s Diary _ Name’

I am looking forward to read some good mails, suggestions, posts, reviews and Lust Lists.

P.S.: All the (*) marked information are mandatory.


Keep Sending Mails! Keep Blogging! Keep Reading!

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