‘I Shouldn’t Have…’


“I shouldn’t have…” – I feel this is the worst statement someone can ever say. Regretting what you’ve already done is pathetic. It is bad as it gives us one of those unnecessary headaches. There are few things that I feel – I shouldn’t have… but how does it feel when you say this sentence with a sad face?


The ‘I shouldn’t have…’ moment no more comes to my life as I have started taking life a bit more lightly and have started smiling in all the crucial situations too. Why? – Because, it isn’t worth regretting at all. The damage is been done so why the hell do I spoil my today for my yesterday. Right?


Have you ever thought – ‘I shouldn’t have had my first kiss with ….’, ‘I shouldn’t have passed time during exams.’, ‘I shouldn’t have eaten too much chicken last night.’, ‘I shouldn’t have done blah-blah shit…’ or whatever? Well if you are actually going through the ‘I shouldn’t have…’ phase just follow the below tips to come out of it.


One – Sit with a paper and pen (Mind it! not in front of the PC). Start writing anything. Maybe you are not a writer but just start writing – ANYTHING. This will help you let go of the anger built in you due to the ‘I shouldn’t have…’ phase.


Two – Put the earphones on; wear your sneakers, shorts and t-shirt. Go on a self-indulging walk – just you. Don’t take your BFF or friends or siblings or cousins. Just you and your music!


Three – Laugh at yourself that you had done IT! Laugh and make fun of yourself. This will help you not be ashamed of it or regret it further.


Do all the above Three things and you will notice yourself out of the ‘I shouldn’t have…’ mode instantly.


regret 08/20/2013


Keep Blogging! Keep Reading! Stop Regretting! Keep Smiling!

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