Sweating over Unworthy Stuff!


I am so sure that the glow from my face is fading away due to the facts that I often worry about small and unworthy things in life that wouldn’t affect my life to the least. With life moving forward I also realize that sweating over such petty things is doing nothing good to my body or mind.

As I get older, I’ve learned mentally to separate the worthy and the unworthy stuff.


TWO most important unworthy stuff that I need to stop sweating over are:

1. Problems of Friend’s friend: I have this bad habit of sweating over someone else’s problems. (I am too good to be true at times)

2. Senseless TV Shows:  At times, I tend to get involved too much into the issues been faced by Ektaa Kapoor’s characters. I also tend to take the Unrealistic Reality Shows too seriously and start praying that my favorite contestant should win and then have a grumpy face when they don’t.


Here’s to reminding you (and ME), that life’s more than about sweating the petty stuff. As we all know, the petty stuff can’t hurt us unless we allow them to.


Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep Loving Life as it comes! Stop Sweating over petty stuff!

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2 thoughts on “Sweating over Unworthy Stuff!

  1. The most important unworthy stuff that I need to stop sweating over is to make my friends worries my worry. I should help anyway possible, but nothing more…


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