My take on – Chennai Express, 2013

Chennai Express
Chennai Express


I heard many people saying: “SRK FAN! Really!?!”, “Do you actually want to watch Chennai Express???” Well my answer to all those people: “Yes! Really! I am a Die-Hard SRK Fan! I have always been! And yes I want to watch Chennai Express…”

On this note let me begin this post or review whatever you call it!

Chennai Express: Released with a speculation that it won’t last one weekend. It did! It really did work amazingly.  It had SRK – The Baadshah of Bollywood! Some actors have the charm in their name that their movies just do well in the box office just because it says: “Starring: SRK or Salman Khan”. The two did make headlines this Ramadan which was quite delightful, wasn’t it? I loved the sight of them hugging and wishing each other. Chennai Express – the Rohit Shetty film had to do well because it had: SRK, Deepika Padukone and Rohit Shetty Effects.

This movie is the complete Bollywood Dhamaka movie. There have been many commercial movies this year but this one was the complete package of one of those typical Bollywood movies that we used to see in the 90’s. Action, Romance, Drama, Comedy, Singing song around the trees, Parent’s disapproval for marriage, running away – it just had everything that is expected from a Rohit Shetty Movie.

The movie was able to maintain all the emotions on my face the entire time I watched it. I laughed most of the time. I had the awed expression. I felt the butterflies looking at the romance. I was clapping when SRK was fighting. I was dancing on the music. I was singing the soft romantic song. I yelled at one point saying, “Lo aagaya Rohit Shetty Effect! Awesome.” I closed one eyes when SRK was getting beaten up. I had almost all those expressions that one would have during a Proper Bollywood Masala Movie.

The movie revolves around the Forty year old Bachelor, Rahul (SRK) and the Don’s daughter Meenalochini (Deepika Padukone). It is a love story. It has many comical approaches. It is a light hearted movie for all those who would love to spend their weekend with no seriousness at all. It has no proper story as such but that is how most of the Commercial movies are made these days.

I am in no way trying to be biased towards the movie because it has SRK in it, but it is a genuine review and suggestion to watch this movie if you need some laughter after a hectic week at work.


Is it a must watch?

For me yes!


Will I spend money twice?

No. it is indeed a onetime see.


Will I watch it again if it is on the Television?

Of course yes!


Will I recommend this movie to people around me?

If you still need an answer for this – Please Read this post again. This movie should be watched by people. It is a complete family movie with Bollywood tadka.



Product Rating:   Very Good

Plot: Cast Performance:
Sound Track: Cinematography:


On this note, I would want to wish you all Happy Weekend! Enjoy your Friday…


Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep watching movies! Enjoy!

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