Lust List: The Owl Obsession

Have you ever tried watching a movie and writing a blog together? Well maybe that’s the reason my blogs don’t have so much of traffic but that’s how I work. So today while writing this Lust List I am watching one of my all time favorites ‘Bridget Jones’ Diary’.

Yesterday I found a nice quirky owl locket. I have been craving to get an owl accessory ever since I saw this owl flip flops mentioned here. It is so owl-y… I know that’s not a word but I am just too excited about this locket.


I am very well known to wear ‘weird’ accessories as per some of my office colleagues and my BOSS! Well, I want to live up to the expectations of people and moreover I love these quirky accessories. They suit my body type and my personality.


So here’s a list of some Owl Accessories that I have been lusting over the week.





1. Owl Bag: That Owl bag is something I saw on Pinterest. And if I find it somewhere on some lane of Mumbai I won’t mind spending a few extra bucks on these. I am in these are quirky for sure and Weird as people in my office would call it. I like weird things!

2. Owl Bracelet and Bangle: I have many huge hand accessories that actually really suit my body type a lot. I love more of kadas (Indian huge bangles like bracelets), rings and long and huge lockets.

3. Owl Ring: The best things about rings are they just stay there. They don’t hang on your ears like some 10 kgs of Jhumar that hangs on the ceiling of some house. I love rings. I have more of rings than any other jewelry and this one will be marked as one of my favorites once I get these.

4. Owl earrings: I am not much of an earrings girl. I can carry off a nice dress with no earrings at all. I just feel it so much suffocating when I have them on. But these, I would love to have this in my collection. They are something I would love to show off.

5. More Owl Lockets: The picture below is the one that I already own, but who doesn’t like more huh? I would love more of these of different types. I mean they all are unique.

Mita's Owl

These are some owls that I really lust for and would love to have them in my house. Well writing this entire post I realized that I am so much like an owl. Not the Hindi version of it ‘ULLU’ but I am like an owl as I am awake in the nights too! See I just wrote this post in the night with no trace of sleep at all.

P.S.: It’s August. The month I dread the most when it comes to the number of Indian holidays that my mom gets and I get NONE!

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep Blogging! Keep being YOU!

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