Lust List: Black & White

How elegant is black? How elegant is White? Well for me I have a special place for Black and White. I find it truly serene when I see something in Black and white (I mean the combination of black and white). I loved the black and white Mughal-e-azam more than the color version of it. I love black and white movies. I love to see the moon late in the night because it has the Black and White effect. And moreover most of the photography that I do is in the black and white mode.


Final Lust List

So today’s lust list is all about black and white (B/W)

1. The B/W Hat: I hold a special place in my heart for hats. Not that I have a lot. Just have one but I have been obsessed with hats since childhood. I had quite some hats as a child and maybe later the craze of Literature bought me close to British and later Hats become one of my lusting accessories. This hat is a complete stunner. How about pairing it up with a Little Red dress and Red Heels? (I like the thought of it)

2. The B/W Flats: Flats are a yes for me at the first go and on the top of that its b/w… who doesn’t want a b/w flats that would look good with any color top and a jeans? I am all YES for this pair!

3. B/W Diamond Ring: ‘Diamonds are a woman’s best friend’, they say… Well I haven’t heard a single woman saying she doesn’t like Diamond. Luckily my birthstone happens to be Diamond. (I am doing a foolish dance right now while sitting on the computer chair in excitement). This ring is a mixture of White and Black diamonds. This is a twisted ring and a fabulous design.

4. B/W Formal Dress: I was surfing on Pinterest to find the perfect picture of a B/W dress and I was drooling over my computer screen like a fool. All the dresses out there were unbelievable. They all were so elegant and charming that I gave my heart to them all. It was difficult to select one out of all for the blog post. I chose this one for its simplicity. It has just the hint of white in the form of the bow. I also loved the touch of red in it. it is just perfect for a formal lunch or a dinner with your friends.

5. B/W home decor: I am considered to be a sort of boring at times. My brother gets annoyed with me when I keep clicking the pictures in the B/W mode or keep changing a super colorful picture to a B/W version. It is dull for some but for me it’s unique and old and vintage and elegant. I always wanted a house that has lots of whites and blacks in it. This one is neat and contemporary at the same time.

Well this was all about the Lust List. For now Ciao!

P.S.: Do you’ll remember about the surprise I mentioned on THIS post??? Well keep waiting for it before I unveil it. It is really a Surprise!!!


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