Unwanted post for unwanted people!

You know what is irritating at times? It is when you have that perfect person in your life who loves to rule your life. The person who thinks that you can’t run your own life but it’s they who know better about you. And mind you this person isn’t your RELATIVE, PARENTS or BFFS. As a matter of fact they are not even your friends. So now you tell me how amazing could it be when someone as such RUNS YOUR LIFE?

Have you’ll ever had such a person in your life ever? Let me know – I’m all ears!

Well I am really bored and these days my new past time over the computer is playing Café Land. It’s fun. I have always wanted to have my own Café with brewed coffees and teas from all over the world, burgers and sandwiches of varieties that people will get confused and amazing music playing in the background and a book shelf. So it would be a Café+Music House+Library+Chill out place! How cool would that be! Amazing, right?

Well there’s a BIG post that I am working on. It will take some time to publish it but I am sure it would be useful for many readers and funny for some and astonishing for some!

On that note let me take your leave and grab some sleep.

Keep Reading! Keep Blogging! Keep Kicking out the UNWANTED and UNNECESSARILY DOMINATING PEOPLE! Have a wonderful Weekend People!

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