Lust List: Wedding Desires

As a child I wanted to be a bride and that was my only dream. Later as I grew older I realized marriage and me are poles apart. But there is something about weddings that makes you go crazy. I would love to get married only for the pre and post wedding rituals, lehengas, saris, jewelry, make up and food! I wanted to have wedding in Bengali style, Punjabi style, Kannada style and Catholic style. So today’s lust list is all about weddings…


Punjabi Weddings: To begin with Punjabi weddings I am really in love with their music, food, drinks and clothes. They have one dramatic wedding one could imagine. As compared to Bengali wedding that I have attended I have never seen so much of noise and people dancing around. But Punjabi weddings are such a beautiful sight when you see the bride. There she is with her Choodas and Kalire. Chooda is the red and white bangles that Punjabi brides wear and Kalire is a hanging ornament made of gold or silver and is tied on the Choodas. I also love the colorful pink, orange and red lehengas that Punjabi brides wear.


Kannada Weddings: It is most probably the food. I love the coconut food. Most unlikely to find many Bengalis loving the coconut food but yes I am fond of it. I also love the amount of gold been worn by the brides in south Indian weddings. And how can I forget the saris that they wear.


Catholic Wedding: I just love everything about it. It is hardly has colors but I am in love with White. I love the wedding cake, white dress, flowers, wedding bands… I am just too excited and hoping to marry someone with whom I can have the white wedding too…


Bengali Wedding: I have been growing up looking at wedding of my maashis and cousins. Most of them have had a proper Bengali wedding. I love all the rituals of it. The sari, shaankha pola, sindoor and food all are just amazing. I would love to have a Bengali wedding if I get to wear a Sabyasachi on my wedding day.


Well let’s get back to the main topic of the post! Lust List!


Lust List

(Pictures taken from Pinterest)


1. Ruby Polki Set: This is so Indian, so traditional and modern at the same time. I love wearing heavy junk jewels and this one so defines me!

2. Kate Hudson’s Wedding Dress: Girls have you’ll watched Bride wars? If you have you know that this is the wedding dress Kate wears on her wedding. I love the fact that it’s strapless and love hint of color in it.

3. Sabyasachi Bride: I am going to marry just to be a Sabyasachi Bride. I am obsessed with Sabya’s creation that I can’t think of a wedding if not his creation on me.

4. Diamond Wedding Band: Diamond’s are a woman’s best friend! Indeed it is! Look at this ring. I fell in love with this ring and started lusting for it.

5. Tarun Tahiliani’s Bridal Lehenga: Designer wears are indeed an eye-catcher on your D-Day. This wedding lehengas is RED – the Bridal Color! Nothing can be as perfect as you being a bride wearing the old traditional red color on your wedding that is been created by a designer.


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5 thoughts on “Lust List: Wedding Desires

  1. I got married first and then realized that me and marriage do not work well with one another. But, I am with you on all the rituals, different styles of weddings (mine should have been Buddhist as well as Civil), I love the dresses and the jewelry, and I love it when two people who really and truly love each other get married.


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