Happy Birthday BFF

Yesterday was my BFF’s birthday!  This is a small post dedicated to her! Totally!


Happy Birthday to S… I am sure she’ll have new ventures coming up this year. I hope to see you as the TL and would also love to be a part of your wedding (I hope the wedding bells rings this year 😛 ) just kidding! I am against marriage without a definite career so right now focus on your career and be the wicked TL whom everyone will hate for sure…

S you are big girl now! Many might’ve told you this but I would like to tell you that you have lost one more year so enjoy to the fullest and relish it!


One Wise Advice for your birthday: ‘Enjoy for as long as it lasts. But beware of not hurting anyone including you. Don’t let any random useless guy or girl affect your happiness, mood or life. You must’ve heard that Life is short and we should relish it. It is your life and all the decision making power is JUST YOURS!’


After this wise advice – I would like to tell you to really think about what I told you on the birthday card – PARIS! Let’s save up some Big money! 😛

Happy Birthday once again!


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