‘Chaotic Soul’ interviewing Mommmy…

It’s seven in the morning and I am up again to write something. I slept for some two hours, I guess and I woke up with some scary dream. This one was unusual. I really am eager to meet someone who KNOWS what dreams are all about. I am not going to say here what my dream is. As it is half the readers might be considering me a Weirdo, if I say what was my dream about then the other half would DECLARE me as a Weirdo!


Okay so what shall we talk about today??? Ummm…. Let’s do something new! I will go and take a quick interview of my mom and then publish it here…


I rushed to my mom and asked these questions for which she gave surprisingly good answers. My mom is usually not involved in my blog and doesn’t really know what I keep doing over the net. I am so sure that she thinks I am either doing online shopping all the time or I am dating someone and keep chatting to him. None of them are true, actually they are partially true. Anyway.


Me: So ma, you are the first lady to be interviewed for my blog. How do you feel about it?

She: hmm… (What should I say?)… I feel so good. What you said was the name of your blog by the way?

Me: ermmm… Chaotic soul. Nice Na?

She: yeah. Suits you. Perfect. (She did it the Madhuri Dixit’s Style)

Me: Well, anyway. How has being a mother changed your life? I mean the first time you held me, what did it feel like?

She: as you very well know that your delivery had bought major complications and hence we had to go for a Caesarian. It was quite hectic and painful. So Mita, don’t feel bad, but the moment the operation was done and I was back to my senses and your Dadu (paternal Grandfather), showed me your face and asked me to hold you, I simply said, “I want to sleep”.

Me: ouch! That hurts ma. But anyway, you haven’t answered my question yet. How did the first experience of motherhood feel like?

She: (you didn’t let me complete)… Hmmm… after I was a bit ok and the pain had reduced a bit. I took you for the first time and I was crying. I felt how I can give birth to such a beautiful baby girl. You have changed my life. You know that. The day you were born, I got my Appointment letter from Western Railway. You are that lucky for me.

Me: Cool. That makes me happy. (Smiling like an idiot). So ma, was it difficult raising two children all by yourself after daddy?

She: it would have been difficult if you kids weren’t there with me.

Me: Aww… Do you fear anything?

She: nothing that I can think of. Actually yes. I do fear of the Electricity bill, the entire day G (my brother/her son), plays on the PC and when you come back from the shift, you are on it. God knows what you keep doing on the PC? Do you have a boyfriend with whom you keep chatting? Tell me….?

Me: Ma, this is supposed to be an interview for my blog. I am supposed to ask questions not you. By the way, I don’t have a boyfriend yet. So don’t worry about any guy, they are all safe from your daughter. Initially, I was very quiet and then suddenly Evil struck me and I became the non-stop talker of the family. Why do you think that happened?

She: I am still surprised how you changed so much. But it is for the good. Our house is full when you are there. Your voice or should I say NOISE lightens up the house. I am lucky to have you as my daughter. Now, please let me get ready for work. I am not as lucky as you to sleep at this hour and get up and leave in the evening.

Me: Thank you so much ma. By the way, I was planning to go to the ZARA stores next month. What say? Let’s buy some nice formals for me… ((Wink))


She didn’t respond to this rather just got up and started applying her mascara. This clearly meant a NO! My First Interview for the blog was pretty much great. I chose to keep my mom as the first one as she inspires me, her life does. She got married at a normal age when usually all the bong girls get married. At the age of 25 she was married to my daddy. (Of course). She had me in her arms when she was 28. Quite a sorted life, but then suddenly a storm hit her life and things changed. She was still rock solid all the time. She was there for me when I had the teenage break ups. She was there with my brother, when he had those young boys fight. She took care of us right through our first pimples to our first crush. She was a friend all the time. I can proudly say that she is my daddy and mummy…


I wonder how she gets up at 4 in the morning to prepare breakfast, lunch and then pack my brother’s lunch. She knows everything that we don’t. If I don’t find my novel, she knows where it is. If my brother doesn’t find his earphones, she gives it to him from some drawer that he already searched ample of times. She cooks awesome. In fact I am just eating the dosas she made this morning while typing this. Its yummmylicious!


I know she knows nothing about what I blog and why I blog, but she still has the patience to sit and hear me reading out some of my favorite posts. I know she wouldn’t know why I have taken this interview; she might be thinking that her daughter has completely lost it. But she still gave me this quick interview in the morning when she was already late for work.


Next interview? Well, we’ll see…


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