Eight Must Haves in a Corporate Slave’s Handbag

A corporate slave by night and a blogger by day and weekends really make your life very exciting, challenging and hectic. ‘Corporate slave by NIGHT?’ – Did that sound inappropriate? I work in a night shift, so now you know what I mean by a corporate slave by night? So working with documents all night long and trying to pretend as if I am doing so much of work is really a big task. There are Eight Must Haves in a corporate slave’s – sorry I mean a Working Girl‘s Handbag. So today’s post is a List Post on Eight Must Haves in your handbag

Perfume or Deodorant

One should always have a perfume or deodorant in their bag. You don’t want to sink all day long. Smelling good is not only for your co-workers but also for yourself.


Moisturizer and Lip Gloss

Winter is here! Finally! So a ‘must have’ is a good moisturizer to keep your skin moist the entire time you are at work. And about lip gloss! You don’t want to have chapped lips. One should always be ready…. 😉


Hair bands/hair clips/hair pins

Depending what you use. Like I use a hair clip, so it is always advisable to keep a couple of these in your bag, in case of emergency.


Chocolate or some eatables

I am a kind of person who usually gets bored. One thing that keeps me busy is EATING! So a corporate slave should always have something to eat in her bag, because you might need it. Maybe you are just bored of traveling and you just look out of the window and need something to munch on or maybe your mind doesn’t work if your stomach is empty and it’s no time for a break.




A Novel

You never know maybe someday you are just short of work. What would you do then, other than gossiping with your best buddy? You can go through some words in the novel.


A bottle of Water

Do I even need to say anything about this one???


Extra few Bucks

I usually have those extra bucks thrown in my bag, so that if some day I happen to forget my wallet/purse at home, I won’t be without money. (Don’t be surprised – I do forget my wallet many times)


Girly Things

One should have all the girly things that one might need anytime. Those special toiletries that a girl might need!


There are few more things that I won’t be mentioning like mobile, house or car keys, earphones, and things that you think you need. The above eight are a must haves for me as a Corporate Slave.




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