Already a mother of Two; In her Dream City

Is it difficult to be a mother to someone at an age of 24? Maybe it is. But is it possible to be a mother of two children from your boyfriend’s past? Is that a baggage to be considered or a blessing? Would the mother be all good for those children? Has the guy bought his girlfriend home, so that she can take care of his kids?

Let me tell you’ll a short story, really short story.

This story is about a girl from a Bengali middle-class family who was being raised by her mother all alone. Her father passed away during her Tenth grade exams. The girl is beautiful and gets prettier day by day. Her hair reaches her knees; she is short but very cute. She has the power of communication. She was excellent in education and had her goals clear. Since the day she passed her twelfth grade exams with distinction, she knew she wanted to be a journalist.

Her mother strived hard and went against her entire family to fulfill her daughter’s dream. The girl studies Mass Media in India and made a big ambitious group of friends. She spent night after night studying hard and partying harder. She made short films for her college projects and won the best prize always. She was already a journalist for everyone in her college.

First year of her college, she fell in love with a boy from the senior year. They were deeply in love. In an accident she lost him. She was broken. Her days passed with smoking cigarettes and nights, drinking Vodka. She still didn’t dip in her curriculum. The topper of the batch!  She was now in her second year and she was over the dead guy now. She met another senior year guy but in a college Fest. They shared the same ideology and the guy was quite good with his projects. The girl was completely smitten by him. They had common friends; they went on dates, overnight dates. She also lost her virginity to him.

She was happy and was completely in love. They were lovers and friends. He helped her in the projects and gave her ample of ideas. The girl was now in her third year, while the genius guy was about to leave the country to go to UK for his Masters. She was upset but she knew that she would be meeting him next year as she would be there as well. She went to see him off with his best friend. On the way back the girl was upset and was crying. The best friend of the genius guy gave her his shoulder. She cried a lot. While she was about to get off the car, he kissed her and she responded. She felt guilty and didn’t talk to him for months. The genius guy used to call her every day from the UK, but one day suddenly she realized that he was not on her Facebook anymore. She couldn’t find him on it. He wasn’t on her Skype list, yahoo list, nowhere.  She was sure that something went wrong. She called up the best friend and he confessed that he told the genius guy about their making out in the car.

She snapped the phone at him and sent the genius guy a mail. She broke up with him before he could hurt her. Her third year came to an end. By this time she had cut off her knee-length hair to shoulder length. She was behind fashion. She was still pretty. Her mother and she managed to get her an admission in the Birmingham University for her masters. They also arranged for an apartment along with three other girls who were going to Birmingham on their own.

The girl reached there and was enjoying her life. Financially she had to cut down many things but again she was happy to be in her dream city. She met a guy, a Brit through her university friends. They met quite often and partied every weekend. She completed her masters with good grades and started working on a contract basis with BBC news. She moved in with this guy. This Brit guy had a lot of baggage. He was divorced with two kids – Too much for the Indian people to handle. But the girl was already half Brit herself. She accepted him for whom he was. He worked as an assistant director on a contract basis and a freelance photographer. She was looking for a new job as she had just a few more weeks with BBC news. They had debts to clear; she had a student loan in India. She took the first job she got. She worked as a cashier in a Posh Hotel. She was getting paid enough to take care of her student loan. His money was used for other debts and daily expenses. The two children of his used to call her by name. Their ages were 4 and 2 respectively.  She started working on another food joint as a cashier. She had two earnings now. She got a free meal from the posh hotel, so that covered her daily lunch expense.

Life wasn’t easy but not too difficult as well. She had his support and love. She was back home tired and used to take care of his kids. She cooked food, washed clothes, did the utensils, cleaned the house after her second job. She finally left both the jobs and took a job as a teacher. She teaches small children. She had dreamed of being a successful journalist and now is working as a teacher. It’s been almost two years and she is love with the Brit guy. Her family back in India knows about him and doesn’t approve of it. Her mother supports her. She might get married to him. She already is a mother of his two children. She is working as a wife at his place. She cooks food; she celebrates Diwali, Christmas and Thanksgiving. She is happy and doesn’t feel that the children are any baggage on her. She loves them and moreover she loves him.

But she is just 24 and he is 35. That’s some difference when Indian Standards are considered. If she happens to bring this guy back home that is all white and has an accent that some wouldn’t know at all or might be red after eating a little spice in the Bong food, what would be the reaction of her family members? He is far too taller than her. Her family knows about him, but would they really give her blessing with a good heart? Would she ever regret her decision? Is this love? Will she be happy?

Well there would be many questions but the answer lies in the future. The girl should be happy and should never regret her decision. But what really makes me sad is the career that she had one chosen for herself has gone for a toss. She is no more into media, something that she loves. Well, there would be something really good kept for her in the future.

Well on this note I would like to say Good night to everyone and hope the best for all. God Bless.


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