Random Post on Random Stuff

I haven’t published anything over the weekend as I had been out. I had this perfect beer night out with my office colleagues and my Best Friend. Trust me I got drunk and was happy. I had a rocking weekend and Sunday was even better…


But as they say, ‘happiness doesn’t last long.’ I am not that happy today but I thought that I have to keep up writing. I did curse myself for not writing anything over the weekend, but today I had to write something about something. So this was just a random post.


By the way what helps you get over a heart break…?


Well for me its music at its loudest and a novel or music and chocolate, or music and my blog. Music is such a must. I just realized that I have a BIG collection of Songs that I hardly hear. But from today I would listen to all the songs in my phone and would do justice to all the songs. LOL!



Do you’ll know there are some things that are considered to be FREAKY! Well, me and my BFF has faced it so many times. We both have such incidents taking place in our lives that is nothing but a photocopy. It’s freaky. Well about the freaked out incidents that would be some other day.


I am not sure if THE GUY is reading this post. But I would just like to tell him that: “its tough to know the truth. I wish I knew more about you.”




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