Never Ending Debate…

Why do girls think so much about a date than the guys? I have noticed this most of the time that all the girls make it a point to look their best on their dates let that be the first or the last. While guys are so chilled out.

I don’t know about others but I take around 15 minutes to decide a dress and get ready actually make that 30 minutes. A shower takes another 30 minutes. And all this on a normal office day. So which means for a date it would be double the time – I guess? Actually for a date I am sure I take more than an hour.

Being a girl we expect to look at our best on a date so that the date is just perfect.



-We shave/wax our hands and legs without fail. A stubble on our hands and legs are so not cool for a girl.

-I, personally prefer having my eyebrows done before a date. I am just not as lucky as Shrabani in this case. She is one girl I know who doesn’t need a threading to be done to her eyebrows. And me on the other need a threading desperately in every 15 days. Yes! You HEARD me right!

-A quick run of lipstick/lip gloss and at least two swipes of kaajal and a quick dab of the compact is so necessary.

-Wearing a good perfume. Who doesn’t want to smell good?


Now the guys I have known as  friends or close friends are all weird but cute people. Trust me they have never been the perfect looking guys on their respective dates but for me all of them were cute.


So let’s see how guys dress when they go for a date (inclusive of my dates and my male friends)



-They would shave before a meeting or before the week starts, but when it comes to shaving before a date on a weekend, they are too lazy.

-They wouldn’t wear the best of shirts or T-shirts in their closet but would wear something that they have worn ample of times and which has faded off completely. And to pair with that it would be a 3/4th or a Jeans again FADED!

-I have seen guys going on a date right after waking up. (Luckily none of my dates have ever done that)

-They use DEO so much that it proves they haven’t taken a shower for sure.


Well whatever it is, I like to be at my best on a date and I expect the guy to be a bit rough on the looks. Personally I won’t date guys who are all fair and clean shaved just before a date. I would rather like my date with a guy who comes with a stubble look, and a bit tired from his hectic day at work. Obviously he should not be the one who would not shower, but being on a date with a guy who has just come from work and a bit tired and his clothes a bit untidy (maybe just the Shirt) and wears a mild perfume that goes well with his personality is such a Turn-On.


The debate on who’s better – Guys or Girls? Would never be accomplished as both of them are imperfect in their own ways.


Now this is the look that i would die for!


Wondering what’s the Daily Post Theme?!? Well it’s – ‘Debate’. Okay! I know that I this wasn’t exactly a debate but whatever…




4 thoughts on “Never Ending Debate…

  1. I met my high school sweet heart after 9 years, we planned to meet at Barista. Hours before we had to meet, I went to the parlor and got a face thread and face clean done. It took me over two hours to get dressed up. I reached the coffee shop 15 minutes late and he had not arrived till then. After 30 minutes, he messaged me that he could not find a place to park his car. After 15 more minutes, he came.

    OMG!!! …. why do men dress up soo casually???

    Red T-shirt
    Blue saggy jeans (the one that is even below your bum crack)
    Red Chaddisss (yeah visible)
    Red chappals



  2. The first thing that crossed my mind…. “woman, you got to be kidding me….you liked him, you want him, helllllllllllllllllllllllooooo i can see the crack opening” heheheheh…. big big turn offs. If you cannot dress appropriately, you do not deserve to be dated 😀


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