Okay! Guess what! I ain’t good at keeping up to promises and commitments. I haven’t written anything for a week or so I  guess. Though I had promised myself to post every day. Well my work schedule is now getting more hectic. For a big salary package, one needs to work hard, actually harder. And its not that easy to be an underwriter! MORTGAGE UNDERWRITER! For the American Mortgage Industry. Its tough to learn new things and CALCULATE.


I have noticed something, something that we detest the most is something that follows us till death. I am a commerce Graduate. I loved Commerce – Accounts when I was in my 12th standard, but later in the next three years of graduation I had developed a strange hatred for the subject and I decided after my graduation that I would never be into calculations again. I decided to pursue English Literature. For some BAD reasons that is now kept on hold and right now the promotion that I am getting is nothing but MORE CALCULATIONS! I hate Calculations to the core. But it is being an integral part of my life and I can’t  run from it.

Well I have been attracted to most of the men who are the ultimate Ladies’ man. And trust me, if you happen to fall in love with one of them and not just a casual attraction, you CRY. Because you love them but again they won’t even care to reply back at times. Well I am too tired and sleepy, and I feel like crying (not literally but just crying like nagging – crying)…


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