3 things I am planning to do next year

I am very bad with keeping promises. I have noticed that I can never keep a promise. I had promised that I would write a post every day, but the result is vague. I haven’t written anything for quite some time. Time doesn’t permit sometimes while the other times it’s my laziness that takes over everything else.


Even though I know, how bad I am with these promises, I still keep them and break them all the time. Any promise I make in an emotional moment or in anger is what I don’t fulfill. There are three things I really want to do next year (2013), only if the world wouldn’t end by then…! Lol!


Wish 3

I am planning to get a tattoo for a long time. I know my Ma isn’t happy with this decision of mine and she won’t be happy to see her daughter being tattooed. I also know what would be the response of all my aunts to the tattooed Mita. But again it’s my life, and as it is my relatives think I am the Rebel in the family. Lol! So I hope to get a tattoo in 2013…

Wish 2

I have been thinking about this since the day I knew how fat I am. Yes, in the year 2013 I am hoping to get in shape and want a bigger line of guys behind me. 😉

Wish 1

This one is a big one. Okay! So I want to visit Kolkata. I have never been to Kolkata. Actually I have but it was when I was in 5th Standard. (Damn I don’t believe anything about it). So I am secretly wishing to travel Kolkata for at least 15 days (I hope my leaves would be approved next year). I am sure my mom would love being in Kolkata and so would my brother, as I am from a family full of Foodies.


So these are my 3 most important wishes for 2013. I know they are simple ones but again I love the simple things in life and if I happen to go to Kolkata, I am also planning to go to Darjeeling. I hope Navin is in touch by then so that he could show me a bit of his city.


Other updates I couldn’t go to the gym for the last 2 weeks have just been there twice in two weeks. I know that’s bad, but the day shift has spoiled my entire schedule. My body is not getting used to this morning shifts. I feel like a vampire when I have to get out in the morning light. I hate it royally!


2 thoughts on “3 things I am planning to do next year

  1. There are times I am not able to fulfill my promises due to circumstances and even it is hard and hurtful for me in particular I am just hoping things may come I am able to do what I want… can relate to it Ash, but don’t worry time will come… 🙂


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