24 Messages

Missing You” when I get this text I tend to reply back saying “hey take care”. I wish the conversation would have ended there, but no, some guys need more attention than a girl. Why would I say Miss you too to someone when I don’t. But NO! They want to hear it. When I do this to a guy I become a chipkoo, but when a guy does it for me, he is the one who is caring. Caring? Really? Texting ‘Miss You’ 24 times a day is A LOT!


Yeah you heard read me right – 24 Times! A simple message like ‘trust me I don’t like you the way you like me’ can’t be understood by some MEN! Not that I hate men. Trust me I love this creature made by GOD. There are few men that I really LOVE love, but there are some men whom I hate to the core – CORE! Why…? Because they act like girls. They are clingy, they are unprotective, they need a call or a text message every hour, they want to know how my day was, they want to spend some QUALITY TIME to TALK! Really….? Talk…? That is what I am supposed to say…! But NO! I have the most perfect goodie goodie – Mumma’s   boy type guys and I hate perfection. Trust me these guys might sound very good and half the girls reading this would think “Woahh! She is an Evil who doesn’t want to be with good guys and be crazy about guys who are evil.” Trust me Ladies, These men aren’t that good as they sound or the way I describe them. I know these men are just so perfect, but who likes perfection. No corrections can be made for perfect things or people, all we can do is get a bit imperfect with the imperfect ones.


As I always say I like the perfectly imperfect guys and these guys are just a little bit more for me.


One of them is ‘very handsome’ that is what many girls feel. He is tall, FAIR and walks as  if, it’s not an office but a ramp walk. He says he loves me after knowing me for 2 weeks – actually not even KNOWING me for 2 weeks but seeing me for 2 weeks. Love? Duh! He keeps on telling me how much he loves me but again is it Love or…? Well you know what I mean! I don’t trust such guys…! No one does right…?


The other one is a total momma’s boy, cute, fat and VERY VERY VERY CARING! He is so caring that he is the one who messaged me 24 messages in a day! One each hour (that’s the calculation I came up with)! He thinks life’s perfect because his life is. This one says he wants to marry me, no matter of what my religion is. Well it wouldn’t matter to him and good to know that there are many liberal families in India even today. My family is one the liberal ones too but not that liberal that they would let me marry a guy who is not a Hindu. Well, you actually think I would care about what my relatives think…? No! Actually I gave him this reason and told him how conservative my family is and how much it is not allowed in my house to even a date a guy who is not a Hindu! I would have been with this guy if he hadn’t been the caring type. I like guys who are caring but 24 messages in a day is like too much. I feel pity to break his heart but I can’t just be with someone whom I don’t love or who actually doesn’t even know my birthday and claims that he loves me!


Well I wouldn’t even mention about the others, among which one is a Married guy and the other happens to be an ex – best friend! Well life is so difficult for girls like me who are with boys all the time, without realizing the fact that one of the guys from the group might have an attraction for me! Somehow the attraction is going the wrong way as it is more of Lust than Love. A girl can feel love and identify Lust very brilliantly. I am a part of the brilliant species.


Well my new crush is a friend of mine, who is again perfectly imperfect. He reads my blogs. He is a bit aloof from the world of Internet. But he makes it a point to read my blog once a while. He loves the rain and likes to get wet in it ( I hate to do that personally). He is a guy who is so difficult to read. This one is a tricky one and he knows very well that I am very bad in knowing him and I am so sure that he would be smiling when I don’t understand what he meant when he said something so important and meaningful. I am also sure that when he reads this he would know I am talking about him.


I won’t say this guy is my love, but he is a friend who is very close and knows me a lot. Why did I call him my crush…? Well that’s because he has crushed my feelings like anyone would crush a paper glass. He hasn’t exactly crushed my feelings, because he doesn’t know them but still… anyway… someone told me once: “see that the problem …you are quitting… quitters can`t be winners…to get something you have to go after it not the other way around …. But he can’t be in front of you if you keep on waiting for him rather than searching him ….” so my search for the most perfectly imperfect guys is still on. There still many on the list but two of them are on the top of the list. 😉


Hmm other updates are such that, I am still doing a day shift and I am so sure that mine Durga Puja Leaves would totally get fucked up and maybe I won’t be able to go to many places as decided. Hmm! By the way it is 13 days more for me to relish ‘Bread Omlete’ made by my ma for breakfast, Rui Maacher Jhol for lunch and Mutton Curry for dinner. By the way i am not adding any pictures in this post as it is already too late and if i start surfing the net for the pictures now it would take me another 1 hour, and i have an early shift tomorrow, so…. Ciao!


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