Work or Worship…?

I had applied for a 5 days leave for Durga Puja in the month of October. And the best part was that my 5 days leave would have resulted in a 9 day leave as I had two sets of Saturdays and Sundays before and after it. But unfortunately all of it would now be in the past… I remember me mentioning in my blog about the promotion training I have. So because of this PROMOTION TRAINING there is a chance that my leaves would be cancelled. Now I just hope that the entire week of Durga Puja I get a day shift as I would then be able to go to most the Durga Puja near Andheri and Bandra.


Anyway as they say work is worship.


By the end of this month there is going to be a chaos in my house for Puja Shopping. There would be chaos on every weekend especially by me to buy some real and rare clothes for the occasion. And to add up to my collection of junk jewelries, there would be a day allocated by me just to buy those… the entire Puja Shopping is a mesmerizing occasion in itself. It’s a moment of joy for all the Bongs all over the world.


What are you wondering…? I am writing nothing more in this blog post, but I hope I write a more on Durga Puja (that is only if I get to visit some Durga Puja in the town)…


I actually wonder is it Work is Worship or Work or Worship…?





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