Is it a Promotion or a Punishment?

I have been too busy to even have a check on my blog, writing was highly impossible. And by the way I was working on Saturday. My manager has sent me and 3 more colleagues in PROMOTION Training! Wondering what that is? Well, it’s nothing but a change of process which is called a promotion. It is a growth about which I am very happy, but really PROMOTION in 3 months…? That is a bit too much! I know that I am a very good employee and efficient enough to get a promotion but, really…?


The best part of being promoted is, I am expecting a good raise in Salary by the next Appraisal and the worst part about being promoted is that my training is scheduled in the morning – EARLY MORNING!

I hate day shifts; I hate getting up early in the morning and taking a shower and then applying kaajal in the eyes that wants to sleep more and then running to catch a local train. My goodness! I know I have missed so many trains because of the rush. Living in Mumbai isn’t easy as people think it is. The trains that reach the station are packed with people that all I can place on the train are the front halves of both my feet. Yeah imagine!


Another thing this promotion has bought is being away from my best friend, Shrabani. She is still in the night shift and I envy her for this. Trust me; Night shifts have spoiled my habits. I used to get a home pick up and drop service in AC Cabs. Traveling in the local transports is the worst thing, especially if it’s crowded.

Anyway, so I will be an Underwriter after the training, which means good salary and lots of hard work. I am fortunate enough because the night shift is only for the training period, after 2 months, I am back to the original shift where I belong to.


Anyway I might just finish off the post here as it’s already 11 and I have to sleep as it’s a morning shift again and I have to get up at 4 am… this sucks big time!


I still wonder: Is it a Promotion or a Punishment?




6 thoughts on “Is it a Promotion or a Punishment?

  1. hahahaha…. It is sis, don’t worry after the training u’re normal sched will be back common you can do it, no pain no glory ok… and congratulations for the job will done I am so proud of you…. keep it up, I do understand your word norm, nocturnal people like us is having a hard time to wake up early and it is truly torture to get up in bed specially as early as that…. but just enjoy the training higher salary coming up…. 😉


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