W-DID Post: Beginning!

One thing people think of when they see me for the first time is, “she is so sorted in life!”  And one thing people close to me know is, “Fuck! She is so messed up!” Trust me I am a total mess up and confused blogger in the world, I guess! I should actually get The Most Confused Blogger of the Year Award. I have been exhibiting in my previous posts as well how confused I am. So I am sure it’s nothing new for the regular readers. In fact, regular readers – all of you can move on with your work because this post is seriously nothing.


I haven’t been writing lately. Don’t ask me why! I am myself not pretty sure why haven’t I been blogging. I had a super long weekend, my mom as usual didn’t let me watch the TV which means I had more time to write, but I didn’t – or I couldn’t?


Ah! I wish I knew the answer. So this post is pretty much the ‘What-did-I-do’ post! Wow! Have I come up with something new…? Well I may write something’s under this Title W-DID ( What- Did-I-Do) ! NICE!!!


Anyway, I have been busy with work. New TL for night shift which is a bit difficult for a girl like me who used to THINGS! The TL is good and is way too efficient, so I can manage! (PLEASE DON’T READ THIS my NEW TL!). So my work life is very busy. I had a long weekend. It was Labor Day in the US, so I had a Monday off! I thought I would go to the salon to pamper myself and spend a lot of money, but the rains in Mumbai have spoiled my entire weekend! I just slept the entire weekend. Not the entire. Saturday had gone to this place Candies, in Bandra, Mumbai! Awesome Place! Super good food. It wasn’t a planned visit, hence couldn’t take pictures but I am going there sure thing after the 19th of September to soothe my taste buds. I would take pictures of the food and the cafe overall then and publish it here.


After this visit to Candies the entire weekend just went in either sleeping or eating junk food. Luckily I didn’t gain any weights but didn’t lose much as well. Total Weight loss till date is: 6 kg…!! Yippee! Obviously I am not satisfied with that. I want to get into a 34 size jeans and be comfortable in it. Also buy many more black, white and red dresses.


As I said my weekend went quite lazy and that made me happy – Partially! I wish the salon had been open, I would have been much relaxed…


Oh I did forget to mention about Navin. I finally had a word with him. For people who don’t know who Navin is, he is a friend (a good friend – really good one –one of the closest one)… Okay! Whatever! So he wasn’t in touch for ages (actually a month, but…. Anyway) I thought he might have either forgotten Ashmita Chatterjee (highly impossible though) or must have got married (so what – one can still be in touch). Luckily neither of the two happened. He remembers me (YAYYYY), and he didn’t get married either (Relief). He was actually preparing for some exam and he decided to get off the internet to avoid DISTRACTIONS! We didn’t speak for hours. After a month of NO MESSAGES we spoke just for 5 minutes (or maybe a little more, but come-on don’t I deserve a little more….?)


I felt like writing today after so many days. Feels good but… anyway! I might catch fever and hence I should go to sleep. If I happen to catch fever, I would certainly not go to work tomorrow! Let’s see!


2 thoughts on “W-DID Post: Beginning!

  1. W-DID is more like JAP of yours. glad 2 here good from u. losing 6 kg in 1 month..Bravo. u r doing quite good in your mission-34. at this steady pace u will get there quite soon 🙂 Seems like Navin should get some break from his rigorous exam prep. But what is with 19th Sept.? Is that your day off?


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