Where do I Work?

My mom doesn’t know what exactly I do at work. Trust me when I explain her that “I re-verify documentation for a closed loan and need to order some verification documents”, she goes blank. I am sure many of you would think what kind of job is that! The worst moment is when someone asks my mom, “your daughter is still studying, right?” (I obviously have that little child in me DANCING and getting excited on these comments because people think that I am still a student, which means they think that I look younger!) but my mom takes her Ninja Avatar and says: “NA NA she is WORKING now…” and then when the question pops up: “Where?” she takes a ten seconds quick silence break and then says: ‘it’s a call center’ and I look at her as if she has done a blunder. For me and people as well, call center means a place where people take calls, but for my mom all the jobs that have night shifts happens to be a call center!


It isn’t easy to make people understand that I am in a semi-voice process which is actually a company where an American Mortgage process is outsourced. My workplace is fun with not too many hot people. It’s good not to have distractions. One heart break in the previous work place was more than enough for me.

I am not just calling this new workplace GOOD because my colleagues or my TL would be reading this (I am sure they don’t! Good for me, as I can bitch about people some other day), it is a PROVEN FACT that this place is better!


Proven Facts


Number 3

I don’t feel like taking my mobiles in the break and play a game or just chat with someone online. I used to do that in my previous company. I am a Lazy girl who wouldn’t walk  through the door just to get her mobile, if I did that which means that I am truly bored! Well luckily I haven’t done that here yet! Fingers Crossed** I hope that it never happens here!


Number 2

I hate weekends! I used to hate weekends in my previous company only during TRAINING – because I loved my training period in the previous company and now I have completed my 3 months probation in the new company and I am still bored to death at home and I wonder, I wish I were at work. (My mom thinks, I have a thing for someone in my office but I am tired telling her that my office has no good looking guys! At least no one yet!). So, as long as I hate weekends away from work, I am not bored of the company.


Number 1

I go to work even if my best friend has skipped work and I don’t get bored. In my previous company if Shrabani took a day off, I made it a point that I stayed back home as well, because that place was hell, later, and hell without your best friend is so not good! But here, Shrabani had taken two days off and I had gone to work and didn’t miss her for a moment! (Sorry Shrabani, but this is a good news that we don’t miss each other even if the other isn’t around and feel like going to work).


Why I love my workplace and haven’t been bored of it yet…?


Boredom comes to me easily. I am an Aries and I tend to get bored quite often. If someone ignores me, I get bored. If someone becomes too clingy, I get bored. If I see the same faces around, I get bored. If I happen to do the same work every day, I get bored! Every monotonous things bore me!


Why I haven’t been bored of it yet…?


Reasons of not getting bored


Reason 3

People in this company look up to me and praise me for the good. Unlike the previous company where the award used to go to someone else! (Shrabani, you remember…?). Motivation and appreciation is what every employee looks for, right?


Reason 2

Facilities in this company are amazing! Except for the Cafeteria (which is a major drawback in this company) everything else is just Rocking!  I get a home pick up and drop facility. Tea is absolutely FREE (I am tea addict – so you know!). I get all the US Federal Holidays. I know I can’t celebrate Indian Holidays but at least I get something, unlike the previous company where I had to go to work on Indian as well as UK Holidays!


Reason 1

This would contradict to my “Number 2” from the ‘Proven Facts’, but I do get Saturday and Sundays off. I don’t like to be at home is a different thing but getting the weekend off is SERENE for Shopaholics like me (Ah i know i am just an online shopaholic, but still shopping is shopping). I can actually plan things for the weekend (if I have to – Remember, I am a lazy bore!). But in my previous company I had rotational off and to worsen it, at times they were Split off! I hope you’ll know what the terms mean! So the FIXED SATURDAY and SUNDAY work for me totally…

So even though I find it difficult to explain to people what I work and what exactly I do, I am still loving the job. I am sure my mom would never know what I exactly do and she still thinks it’s a CALL CENTER like taking calls and giving customer service Call CENTER! Ah well its okay because half the people around me thinks the same, so my mom is actually no exception here!


6 thoughts on “Where do I Work?

  1. Ash, Ash, once again you make my Monday really awesome, you know what sis, you always lighten up my day with u’re post, well whatever the perception with regards to u’re job, it is awesome…. before when I was working in a telecommunication some one told me oh u’re workin in a call center then I tend to explain ah nah it’s blah… blah… then again and again until I get tired explaining, and now I am teaching online they told me so u’re in a call center, I just smile and say nothing but behind my mind it says whatever…. hahaha…. 😉


  2. I know exactly what you do Ashmita. I used to be a mortgage banker. The post-closing department tracks down any missing documents or necessary verifications to make the loan file complete and marketable. Unless everyone does everything perfectly on the front end, which is impossible, your job is essential.


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