You are a LIAR!

“You are a LIAR!”, someone told that to me and I was smiling and the person was laughing! You wonder why….? Well that person was my brother and he complemented me by calling me a LIAR! He was actually impressed by the way I lied about something and not letting anyone know about it. We had a good laugh for some minutes and then he said, “Didi, give me some tips”. I laughed and told him that it was a talent given to me by my Father and unfortunately my brother’s a saint like my mom who can’t lie!


Initially I used to think that it’s a curse to have a quality that isn’t that good. But lying at times is good. In fact, what’s the harm in lying to someone who would feel good after listening to your lie. Well I know we have been taught since childhood not to lie. But somewhere down the lie its our family members and parents who initially lie to us.



If a child happens to be quiet and strange, the mother will go up to the child and say, “tell me the truth and you would not be in trouble.” When the child says the truth about getting a remark in school or losing a notebook during exams, the mother will hit the child or yell at him and that is a PROBLEM!


I am not promoting LIARS but trust me an imaginative person like me tend to lie with the no trace of it. I know lying is bad but think carefully, is it bad always?


Why my brother called me a LIAR is something I won’t be writing here. In fact it was the best compliment I got in years. I wasn’t ashamed of the fact that my little brother is actually calling me a LIAR, but I felt proud of what I did!


And as it is they say that it takes hell lot of creativity to build up a lie and to stick to it. Well I am a writer and I have the creativity to make people believe my lie and hold on to my life till the end.


Other updates in my life: i am too busy with work and gym that i hardly get time to sleep so blogging is out of question. Still waiting for one message from Navin, who is not in touch since ages, but i think he would read my blogs someday and have the courtesy to get in touch. my love life is rocking with one person in LOVE with me completely and that’s ME, myself! ummm…. i watched Bridget Jones’ Diary – AGAIN and hell yeah i am so much like her!





4 thoughts on “You are a LIAR!

  1. lol, it reminds me of my twin sister we’re like black and white, south and north, but even we’re opposite in so many ways, the only time I lied to my parents was if she was cutting the class, hell kinda hard to carry that but I did it because I don’t wanna hurt Mom feelings. But I always scolded here like a priest delivering a sermon every Sunday mass…. hahaha…


  2. its a boon which everyone is blessed with and use it while only a few dare to say it openly as boon. Lying on the face….while still the other is unaware of it. haha ha i enjoy it 😀 i dont know if u r still aware of it but u can make an excellent con player like in leverage or hustle 😉
    i missed your posts so bad. this morning i was thinking…its been what like ages since i last read your post about “saat samundar par” guy. now i remember your routine got hectic with various programmes. sayad isliye iss mahine cpm posts likhe hen. anyway…keep going….keep posting 🙂


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