Sunshine Award and Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I have been lately too busy with the Job hunt and interviews. Taking out time for the daily updates were difficult, hence you must’ve seen the updates quite less in the past two weeks. Well the good news is, I am no more UNEMPLOYED. Yayyyyy!!! Wohoooo! Not that I got the perfect job but some money is better then no money. So yes, I am going to be the same old shopping freak again. Will blog about everything I shop though (most of it…)


So this post is no update, but it’s about the nomination that I got from Safaa Tasneem for Sunshine Award and Very Inspiring Blogger Award. I was so happy to read that I have got two nominations out of which one was for ‘very inspiring blogger’ now trust me it’s a privilege to get nominated for such an award.


So there are a few steps I need to follow for the awards.


First and foremost I am supposed to thank the one who nominated me. Well this is something that need not be said. Safaa you made my day by these nominations. Well readers I would like to tell you about Safaa’s blog which is the girl next door’s daily writing. She is young, fresh and her writing reflects it. Safaa, once again thanks a lot.


So the second step for Sunshine Award is to say something more about yourself:

Well being interviewed too many times in the last two to three weeks this is something that I can even say in my sleep. Lol! Anyway, so about me


Umm, let’s begin,


About me

I am a Bong babe with a craze for writing and reading. Eating is more than eating for me. I cherish the eating bit. I am a complete chaos, as my blog name says.


Favorite Color

Yellow, Purple, Black and White


Favorite Animal

I am not a pet person. I don’t like animals at all. I am actually scared of them. So this one is a no fill for me.


Favorite Number

7 and 3 are my favorite numbers. Why? I don’t know! I just love these numbers.


Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink

Non-alcoholic? Now that’s difficult! Well, I would say Tea is my poison. I am addicted to it big time.


Facebook or Twitter

Both and WordPress too…


My Passion

Passion is a big term for me. so my passion begins with Writing, reading  and goes further with food, shopping (recently), Photography (hardly) and sleeping (alone!)…


Favorite day of the week

Favorite day would be I guess the weekends. For obvious reasons.


Favorite Flower

I am not a floral person too. Anything to do with nature I am a big bore! But if I have to say I would say Lotus. It has a unique mystery in itself.


Wow!! I actually wrote them all! Proud of me!


Now comes the nomination bit. So let’s nominate more bloggers.


Sunshine Awards and Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Ishita Di – well she is very well known as Ishita Unblogged and her blog is all about my passion which is nothing but the Food and Travel. It is a must read and a good read! Well I would like to call her Di because of the bong connection. It just feels good to put that Di for women who are much more experienced than me and could be a could teacher through their blogs.


Teri Jensen – So Teri is this Narcissist blogger. She is a blogger of personal relationships, sex and the crazy world of dating. Excellent blog again! Well this one’s again a must and good read!


Soma Di – so this is another Bong Connection on WordPress. Soma Mukherjee, is a mom, writer and an activist. Her blog is about just anything, as she says. Well I find her blog really inspiring. Again a must and good read.


Lane – Lane Vill is one of those female bloggers whom I love to follow. She is a good friend to me and certainly a very good writer. Do I need to say it again – well yes her blog is a must and a good read too…


So guys these were my nominations. Keep nominating and keep blogging!


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