Say ‘LESS’ to Sugar!

Attempt ‘ONE’ to reduce weight

Today I took one big step in my life. Something that I haven’t tried – EVER! I happen to be addicted to tea – big time! The first thing in the morning or whenever I get up (it’s rarely morning…) I need is TEA! Coffee or milk is no alternative for me. It has to be TEA. It has to be the milk, sugar, tea leaves and water wala tea. Green tea, black tea, lemon tea or any other form of tea is no good for me. If someday I happen to start my day without tea, I mentally prepare myself for the worse. I start having headaches (I am not sure if I really have a headache or is it psychological), I start sneezing, in short my day becomes MISERABLE and so do I.


I read on the internet that to reduce weight never give up anything; but have it in moderation. So today (22nd May, 2012), I decided to take a big step. Naah… I didn’t give up tea but I made sure that the sugar in my tea is comparatively less than what I used to have and instead of a Mug full of tea I cut it down to the Cutting Chai policy. I made sure that the tea in my mug should be less than half. My mother thinks this is going to be of no use but I think cutting down sugar from 3 teaspoons to 1.5 teaspoons and the full mug of tea to a quarter of it will make a big difference in the long run.

To gain something, you need to lose something. So for me to get those near to perfect curves, I need to reduce my intake of tea and sugar, for the starters. So this was my first attempt  to reduce weight. I hope this new venture of mine to lose weight and eat in moderation work for me.


Anyway people – keep blogging, keep reading and stay healthy…


6 thoughts on “Say ‘LESS’ to Sugar!

  1. New look? What’s the reason behind such tidiness in my friend with a chaotic soul? I love reading your posts Ashmita – sometimes feel like a déja vu, sometimes it feels like a reflection of someone I know so dearly. You must write in a more organised manner…


    1. i will do that! i will try! being organised is what i want but doing it is baba re – so difficult! 😛 but yes i will try to get more organised when it comes to writing!


      1. No no I didn’t mean to say organise your writing – I love the randomness pleaseeeeeeeeeee….

        I meant ‘organise’ in terms of thinking of a novel or making this a collection of random notes, publishing it properly or submit somewhere so that your skill is appreciated!


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