Not an obsession but Attraction!

Kori roti and Sukha Chicken, Neer dosa with Chutney, Idli and medu wada from an authentic Udupi hotel and Prawns ghassi from again an authentic Mangalorean kitchen… what does all this sum up to?





Well yes all of them are certainly food…. But come-on that’s not the common factor that I am talking about. Okay fine, let me tell it…  the common factor here is that all these food items come from Karnataka! Okay! If that doesn’t ring a bell, well all these are nothing but a Shetty Cuisine in simple words! So my best friend, Shrabani thinks that I am obsessed about the Mangaloreans, let that be Vidya Balan or their cuisine.


The fact is that my taste buds are very sensitive and even the slightest of good taste to it can titillate all my organs. And I am completely serious about it. A good blend of masalas in a fish curry or chicken curry is what I love. The examples I give while talking is about food.


I wouldn’t deny the fact that yes I have that soft corner for the Bunts, but that’s because my first teenage crush  was a Bunt also my first adulthood crush was a Bunt! And even Shrabani would accept the fact that Bunts are hot! And I am no saint to say that I never looked at Hot guys! Come-on I still look at them (it’s my age to look at them, right?)


I have already written a post on Bunts and all the reasons for liking them are mentioned on it. Just click on the word and you’ll go to the link. I am not obsessed with them but yes I am so attracted to them. The main culprit is my first crush! I am not sure if he is reading this or not (I hope he doesn’t, I sometimes find him as one of those Angry Young Man). Anyway, so yes my ears and all the senses become immediately active the moment I hear something related to the Bunts, but that’s not obsession. I would be obsessed with the Bunt Culture when I would actually act like one, or would like to know more about them, all I want to know about the Bunts is, how come they make such good food after the bongs! (Come-on, no offense but I am a born bong and I love my food but I cherish the Bunt food too…) and how come the Bunt Guys are that hot!


Neer Dosa and Chutney

Food is what I am obsessed about – Literally – let that be Food from the street or food from the best hotel.


So my dearest best friend, I am not sure if you are reading it or not! (I know you are not, because your mobile has gone for repairing! :D) but I would like to say that yes I am all ears when it comes to the Bunts, but its one common thing for all of us. We are always all ears whenever we hear something from our past and crushes are very close to us, aren’t they? 😉 I know you are going to be too sarcastic to me when you read this but I just wanted to make it clear on the World Wide Web that what I have for bunts is not obsessed but an attraction. And it’s not for all the bunts but for some, or maybe just one! 😛


So yeah this was a real quick post by me in fifteen minutes. Right now I am too tired to even think of any post to write. What’s on my mind now…? Sleep! Sound sleep as they call it…. Chalo then Goodnight people rather have a good day and let me have a real good night.


6 thoughts on “Not an obsession but Attraction!

  1. Ashmita i just came across your blog because of a friend who was raving about you(i think he has a crush on you). well i don’t know if i am qualified to comment about your writing but in my humble opinion you have ample talent, the only thing that i would like from you as a reader is to iron out that rawness in your prose and usr fewer words to express your thoughts.


    1. first of all thanks for liking my writing…. secondly thanks a lot for that suggestion, wud keep that in mind. and also would like to know the name of ur friend who was bragging about my blog (or the one who has a crush on me….) 😛 in alll suggestion taken and thanks once again!


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