Going back to the Beginning!

Being unemployed, is a good thing – actually not a bad thing, but being BROKE (money-wise) is extremely bad…! It is actually horrifying and a nightmare. Imagine you’re 22, graduate and still asking money from your mother…. Whoa! So the last two months was something like the above mentioned situation for me… I happily left my job and was shamelessly sitting at home and was enjoying with the savings I had done in the 9 months service. In the nine months, never felt the urge to work (was rich enough then to buy my own things – kind of!)


The last one month was more or less like a nightmare. I could see my account balance going down and down. Asking money from my mother for my unnecessary make-up or mobile recharge was something that finally made me ashamed. So finally I decided to get a job (again in a BPO, obviously) so that I can fulfill all those urges to buy things that I really crave for.


Trust me, working for a BPO is addictive – and expensive too… your standard of living tends to rise up in a month’s salary… I was actually addicted to more good food. Buying books online or from the streets of Mumbai, had become my hobby. There are books that are still covered in the plastic and carefully decorated in my library (not a library, technically its just 2 small Cupboards – that my mother has finally agreed to give me to keep my books… yayyy) so the Nine Months in the BPO has resulted in overcrowding of these two shelves that I’ve been allotted for my books.  My mom still yells at me when she sees two novels in my bag and one lying on my bed (I don’t have the guts to tell her that the two shelves are now crowded and now I need one more shelf! Lol!)



Bad food habits and drinking habits was another drawback of the BPO job. When uncles and aunties used to say to me and my mom: ‘don’t let your daughter to work in a BPO. She will get into bad company.’ I thought these people are crazy. I didn’t get into any bad company but I actually had one thing that was added into my favorites – Kingfisher Beer. Luckily didn’t become an alcoholic but yes I’ve got the taste of it and try to take a sip of Kingfisher Beer whenever possible (brand loyalty, you see!) because of night shifts my breakfast was at 3 in the afternoon, lunch at around 9 In the evening and dinner at around 2 in the night, I guess! Being a part of the BPO industry, I didn’t force my mother to pack the Dabba for me unless it was a special dabba party at work. So my dinner was usually the toast sandwich outside my work place or at times omlette pav


My cousin who had dedicated 3 years of her life to a BPO had once told me, ‘Mita, working for a BPO will make you a Shopaholic.’ Initially I thought, it is possible, but then when I started taking calls and had two SPLIT OFFs (week offs not on consecutive days) I used to tell my mom about what my cousin once said and laughed on it, because, on both my week offs I just slept and lingered at home or just went out with mom in the local shops… that’s it? actually,though what she had said was technically incorrect for me because living in Mira Road kept me away from the Hub of the City, but I am Net Savvy. If I happen to hear a quote in some movie, I have to Google about it and go to the core (a good – bad habit in me!) so the split offs and quite some money to spend, I decided to do some online shopping. Initially I was scared to death, like any other Indian. I mean come-on, sharing your debit card number on a website is like publishing your Facebook password on your own profile. But I actually became more of a sensible and secured shopper. I started buying things with the option of ‘cash on delivery’. Then later, when I started trusting for my books, I tried purchasing 1 product using my debit card. It was quite secured and the best thing, I don’t have to search something I want in the scorching heat or spent 100s of rupees behind the rickshaw to get one product, rather I just have to tie my hair (or leave it open), have a mug of tea with me and a packet of lays (if you are not health conscious!) and just keep surfing and shopping online… no doubts that I had become a shopaholic. And wanted to buy every book I saw on Flipkart. It was my crush then. Lol!



So as I said earlier, I am going for an interview for a BPO which is just 10 minutes walk from my place. People say they pay well and enough to get my make- up things (this time I have decided to buy more of make-up from online shopping, though I am not going to use them enough! Winks!) Another benefit of this particular BPO is, I won’t be making CLOSE friends here, because, the area where it is located isn’t much of my preference (but who cares) till the time I am getting. Well yeah you might call me a choosy person, and yes I am very choosy when it comes to making friends. I can’t talk to people, who try to avoid me because they think that I am moody and egoistical (the fact is, I am moody as well as egoistical, and if someone decides to be not friends with me for these two reasons, then – ‘Eff Off!’)


So will get to a nice 15 minutes, ‘wardrobe hunt regime’ (this is a common thing before getting ready!)

So let’s grab another BPO job with a tremendous salary and some more online shopping! I am thinking of starting an entire blog on online shopping – ahh, maybe, let’s see!




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