Soul Searching Time

I have had this strong urge of losing weight without quitting food. So now I have finally decided to take a decision. More than a decision, it is about taking an oath to myself. If I get a good job that I have been looking for – the first investment I would make is joining a gym. Yes, Ashmita Chatterjee will work out. Sounds funny and so unreal, but I have to get into the 32 or 34 size jeans by the end of this year…

At times, no job makes us so helpless. So about yesterday, when I had decided that I would take the job and go for the interview. I did go for the interview. I and Shrabani were hunting for the place – the organization. I wanted the job so much. We reached the company and found out that there was no opening and rather no H.R. to take the interviews! How foolish was that!


Interview without an H.R. is like the funniest thing to me. Anyway so of course we had to just let going. The problem is, I am too choosy about everything. I am choosy about my spectacles as well as about the photos I would upload online. Yeah! I am that choosy.


choosy as ever


I have actually lived one of my most awaiting dreams yesterday. It was having a ‘big CUP ICE-CREAM’ while walking on the road and music on my ears. It gave me the feeling as if I am a typical wannabe writer who is stuck with her thoughts – More or less of a LOST PERSON. I love that feeling! And yesterday, I actually did that! Ahh it was brilliant! I just walked in my own locality with Jimmy Eat World’s ‘The Concept…’ and also 3 Doors Down’s ‘Here without you…’




The entire 20 minutes walk I had gave me not only a feeling that I have some time for myself but also the feeling of some soul searching… and the simple vanilla ice-cream I had was just like the cherry on the top…

Anyway! A big day today too… trying to break the oyster and entering a new world altogether… let’s see how it works…


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