‘Ok. Fine’ is neither Okay nor Fine!


I wish “Ok. Fine.” Was actually OK and FINE! People tell me that I am sarcastic all the time, and then what the hell is Ok. Fine? At times, while reading a text, we come to know what exactly the feelings behind the words.


There are weird people like me in the world, who are sarcastic all the time. Even a ‘hi’ can be sarcastic. Yeah trust me! I return a ‘hi’ to people who had ignored me for a long time. Well, today my mom sent me a text with the words, “Ok. Fine.” This was a reply to a text sent by me saying that “I will be late!” the moment I got the ‘ok, fine’ text from her I knew, I’m going to have a hard time at home. And it was normal to see her fuming the moment I reached home two hours late from the time I had given her. I was lucky enough as my friends and aunt were at my place, but GOD, the moment they left trust me, she was fuming RED! She looked at me with those cold eyes and I knew I am going to cry.

I then asked her why she even replied to my text if she was so angry with me and then woahh! I heard the exact tone I wanted to. It was the tone of anger. I was expecting it. I already knew that ‘Ok. Fine.’ Isn’t that ok and fine! I really wish people leave the sarcasm part for people like me! Trust me, weird people like me are best at doing this, I mean sarcasm! Well this was the way my birthday ended! That’s good enough I guess! Naah!


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