The Shocking Surprise!

What is it like to meet a good friend after a long time? Yes, it’s an amazing feeling, isn’t it? Getting some phone calls irritates you, but looking at some name flashing on your phone brings that smile and excitement on your face.  It’s like you could never believe this person would ever call or even message. Ahh it’s like a beautiful shock!


Well today a very good friend of mine just contacted me out of nowhere and I was stunned at the moment looking at his name. The moment we started talking I just answered in yes or no! And we decided to meet up! Freak! This friend of mine is a person who never contacts people, and the truth is I was really happy meeting him. Though we didn’t share the best of talks but still meeting him was just amazing!


I am sure, he’ll read this post sooner or later and keep smiling the entire time. But yes, such sudden surprises are just good. It kind of makes your day.


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