Five Reasons to be Single!

Stalkers are not at all cool. Imagine someone keeping an eye on you and calling you every now and then? Woahh that’s a DISASTER! I have noticed something lately, in today’s world, not all but many men are just acting weird!


Crying on a break-up, telling your mom that a girl broke your heart and is ignoring you, or the best – thinking that just because a girl met you few times outside her work means that she loves you and you are her lover, seriously?


I need some air to breathe! Ohhhh! Such a love struck person who thinks just because a girl smiles at you and talks to you and messages you the forwarded, likes you! No! She smiles at you, because she loves smiling. She smiles at everyone, you are no special. She talks to you because she loves talking, she is born talkative and she sends you forwarded texts because she has activated her SMS scheme!


Are these guys actually like this? They really do think that a smile means love? Maybe some of them are such love puppies but I think, some do pretend. Maybe they just feel that by acting in this way they can get a girl easily because girls love – LOVE!


Trust me girls today are much more advanced than this, at least the girls whom I know. When a boy tells a girl that he loves her and he knows that she loves him too, that’s a volcanic eruption that the guy is going to face!


Today, a stalker told me that I (Ashmita) love him because he knows it! Phew! I really had to be very rude to this person because, talking in a sweet way was giving him wrong signals! He then told me such a thing that I couldn’t resist typing this blog-post! He told me, “Give me a reason to stay single?”

Whoa! So let’s do FIVE reasons to stay Single!


1. Career:

Woman today don’t think about their own career!’ is an impossible statement. Insane girls like me are either into writing or into work (if employed) there are girls who want to make their career. Being Single, can give your career that leap that it’s looking for.

When you are single, you don’t have to think about informing your guy that you are going out of the city for a meeting. You can put in the long hours required for your career building. You don’t have to get back home and see a guy lying on your couch and asking you: “where were you so long?” no one wants to get back home and answer such questions!


2. Liberty:

Who doesn’t like the liberty to take the decisions by themselves? Road trip with your girlies? You don’t have to discuss things with your guy if you are single, rather just fill that back pack and get going! The liberty to do what you want! I love being single for the liberty I have.

Ummm! For a person like me, who hates going to discos and parties, because I find it waste of time! Rather I sit back at home, with my novel and start reading something good! I love to leave my home when I am tired – without letting anyone know, where I am! That’s the liberty, you get when you are single!


3. Fear of commitment :

If a person experiences parental separation, it is very difficult for that person to be in a commitment; because that’s the last thing they will trust! Well it’s difficult to cope-up and not believe that your guy won’t leave you.

If a girl has seen her mother being separated and devastated in a relationship, she would never commit the mistake of being emotionally attached to anyone! It’s easy for the society to say: “not necessary that, there was a separation in your family means even you’d face the same thing!” well people, the one who has faced it knows it.


4. Being a foodie:

Ohh well! I know I am impossible! But no one can take the foodie out of me. Not even a guy whom I would date. Bong babe with the above average health and the craze for all the junk food available there in the market, I can’t leave all these for a guy. My mom says, “Not necessary that the guy will ask you to eat less or reduce!” well true, but for once in the entire life time, when we are out in the restaurant enjoying our dinner and a SIZE ZERO girl passes by and my guy would turn all the way to look at that miniature waist and say, “baby, is it possible for you to get that waist ever?” I might just laugh but in my imagination I would be murdering my guy for saying this. Many of my friends say that this isn’t a reason to stay single! So…

Well being a foodie is the best reason to stay single. Most of the guys are health freak, who find Biryani a weight increasing food than loving the spices in it! So a girl, who has that few extra pounds on her and is proud of it and is a foodie, can stay single! Loving yourself is more important than loving someone else!


5. Flirting:

Safe flirting is always better than being in a relationship. Who wouldn’t want to flirt and be the centre of attraction? You can’t flirt with the new guy at your work, because your conscious bites you that you are in a relationship.

I would love to enjoy flirting from a safe distance at my work or among my friend circle. Being in a relationship would put a stop to this. No girl would flirt with any other guy if she is in a relationship! So, you get the point!


So guys a girl being single shouldn’t be a big deal because there are girls who think their liberty, career, flirting abilities, food and fear of commitment is more important than a guy! And if that GUY is reading the post, who thinks I Love Him because I smiled at him every time I looked at him: ‘Misconception’ is the word for him!


Ohh well ladies, enjoy the singlehood. You are lucky that you are single and happy. And guys who aren’t from the above mentioned category, I love you all! 😉


9 thoughts on “Five Reasons to be Single!

  1. with reference 2 pt. 4 i wish that everyone, atleast a gal foodie could think like u. N trust me all guyz r nt like as u mentioned “my guy”. For e.g. Me 😛 Being a foodie, I wont expect my gf 2 reduce 2 size zero. i like 4 what she is.
    Everyone should respect other’s personal space.
    I pretty much have same thoughts as u, regarding “being single”. The main problems that arise, as I see, in a relationship are Demands, Expectations & last bt not the least Flirt ;).
    My comments will again repeat the whole post. So anyway Thanx for writing about this. N yes the association of exact pics wid the writings….how do u do that!! a natural instinct?? 😉


  2. This is an excellent post. Being single lets you flirt, stay independent, make choices, live life, and no expectations from anyone!! No bloody adjustments too…nothing .. just simple life… peace, peace, peace!!


  3. There ain’t much fun in all peace…peace is good after a war…coz then you value it..but anyways a very nice and quite true post…those 5 points are bang ON…God save the world from single women…


  4. Thank you for your understanding. It all amazing.
    On smile ( missconception ) , i have no comment on this bcz, my confidence is not on that leval, their i judge all and everyone.
    Happy velentine to you


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