In a house, where your mom works for a government firm and your younger brother is a student and you are an unemployed oldest daughter trust me the things you are suppose to do are – washing clothes, cleaning the floor, washing the utensils, cutting the vegetables, cooking Woahh I am tired! But yes this is the fact, you being unemployed means do the household chores!


Now when can a person take out the ME TIME in all this? Many people have many ways to take out the ME TIME. As I say, I am no different! So yeah even I take out that ME TIME! Hmm so what’s my ME TIME.


Actually I realized that I don’t have just one ME TIME… I have got two ME TIME’s!


So my first ME TIME is when I wash clothes! Strange? Yeah I know it sounds silly. Actually my washing machine is in another room altogether! When I say room it’s a different apartment. And I need to go to that particular room to wash clothes, which means the whole house is mine for that moment! No one, not even my mom disturbs me when I wash clothes in that room. I have peace if I want it, if I want loud music I can have that, it’s the best place for me to think. It’s the PERFECT ME TIME for me!


The second one is the time when everyone is fast asleep. My mom always calls me a bat because I am awake at night! Yeah I like to sleep in the afternoon and night is the perfect ME TIME for me. Again, peace all over and it’s the best time to think of things and at times just do nothing but just sit with a good book and a cup of strong coffee. Sometimes just watching the old episodes of FRIENDS is just the best thing to do.


Oh by the way while writing the entire blog-post I realized that for me there are more than just two ME TIME… it’s just about yourself at times. Thinking of others all the time is a good thing to do but ALL THE TIME, seriously? I am not a saint to do that! I am a selfish bitch, who loves thinking about me too! Is that wrong? I don’t think so! Well! Try to identify your ME TIME and enjoy your own ME TIME…


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