Another Blog post for DARLINGS!


The way to the man’s heart is through is stomach – True!!! This goes for a female as well. Trust me a girl would love to be with a guy with whom she doesn’t have to starve thinking: “what if he doesn’t like fat girls?” ahh… if you are fat then yes that is what you are and be proud of it. There is nothing called as fat it’s called as CUTE!!!

There are guys who like girls who are FIT!!! So are you my Fat girls, you’ll are fit enough to eat one full meal. Fit enough to fight for your guy. Fit enough to break someone’s face, if they call you FAT.


Girls like me love eating junk food, even at the earliest hour of the day. We love to laugh loudly when walking on the road. We eat anything and everything, if it tastes good. Girls who are DARLINGS like me are not ashamed that they have to hunt for the XL shirts… they are such foodies that they go shopping for a shirt, crib the whole time about their size and once they get it they go out and have a burger… why??? Because they are so happy that they want to celebrate with Mc Donald’s…

These girls do carry themselves in a way that people turn around for once to see them, for whatever reasons but yes the heads do turn around. And WE ARE PROUD of the fact that WE can be seen even in the crowds. I’ll tell you a secret like the other entire secret about girls like me:

“We watch Ashton Kutcher’s and Gerard Butler’s movies again and again not because we love, love stories and are emotional fools but because we really find them very hot. We like to see their bare bodies again and again. We love to see them shirtless!!! Yes we do!!!”


I recently heard couple of girls talking about FAT GIRLS. By their talks I realized that they are just not being them. At least we fat girls are what we are. We love ourselves. We have got the custom made cuts for us. We have cheese and we know that we look cute when we eat pizza. We don’t have to be someone else on a date. We would either have a date or not but we still love ourselves.

I hate when people discriminate others, because of their height, size and color. I have seen many movies in which a fat girl in high school was the JOKE of the CROWD. REASON: she was FAT!!! Believe it or not WE enjoy our lives and are not ashamed of what we are. We might not have the best and hot dates but at least we would have the one who would say: “baby you look cute when you eat chocolates” this matters a lot. I know those girls wouldn’t read this blog post anyway but if incase they happen to they would know that they are been talked of and are FAMOUS, but famous by who? A PROUD DARLING or FAT GIRL as you’ll call it!!!


4 thoughts on “Another Blog post for DARLINGS!

  1. Well-said! I appreciate and respect women who can be themselves! So many people these days act like someone who they’re not and worry about pleasing everyone else rather than being happy themselves. More power to you for being yourselves!


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