..not a blog-post, but a message!

Some relations are more than what it looks. You don’t have to be best buddies to cry when the other is crying. You don’t need to be lovers, to feel the pain. Really don’t know what has got to me and makes me write this blog post, but something’s not good.

I am sad and upset. Nothing happened. I am not sad because I am jobless. But something is making me uncomfortable. A person’s words are rather. The thought of not being in touch at all is horrifying. He isn’t one of my best buddies, whom I have known for years. He isn’t a lover. He is someone I have just known for months.

The tears struck when he used the words, “…and i don’t think if i will ever be able to meet u guys.” Well I know he will read this blog post for sure. Just to tell you: “we all love you, and as I have told you, I am just a beep away.. Text me whenever you need anything. Whatsapp me when you need to talk. Trust me your friends are here for you. I know, it might be difficult for you to meet us but remember us always. Take care..”


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