5 Reasons to use Central Alignment


A reader asked me why most of my blog-posts are in the centre alignment format?

So thought of writing a blog-post on this…

#5# Looks Neat

I somehow feel that when we write something in the centre alignment format it comes out to be very neat.


#4# Sophistication

I know Shrabani would kill after reading this word, but yeah the centre alignment format looks very very very sophisticated.


#3# Non-Chaotic

Just because my blog is about CHAOS doesn’t mean that I would use a format that would be chaotic. I find the centre alignment format non-chaotic and detailed.


#2# Easy

It’s easy to post pictures in the centre alignment. Everything remains in the centre!!!


#1# Preference

Last but not the least; I just like the centre alignment format!!!



In short, Utsav Sabharwal I like it in the centre!!! 😉



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