Your Call: What’s Better?

What’s better? Not seeing the guy you like for months or seeing the guy you like everyday but with his WIFE or LOVER?  Ahh!!! It’s better to be away from the guy for months and years than seeing him with someone else. One of my friends is in this mode at the moment! I can’t even imagine how she might be feeling. I used to feel I am the unlucky one to get all the BAD REALTIONS always but trust me, a life without or broken relation is better than looking at your CRUSH with a babe who is not a babe!!!

Someone had once informed me that he can’t be in a serious relationship as he is from a conservative family and blah-blah but I am thankful that at least I had some romantic and naughty moments of words with him. I know, one day he would get married and wouldn’t be in touch anymore but at least I won’t regret the fact that I dint tell him my feelings. I did! And for the first time in my life I feel proud of the fact that I told him about my feelings.


If my friend would’ve told her guy her feelings for him, I am so sure that he would’ve left his partner and, be my friend’s but yeah life is more complicated than it actually seems. It’s not easy to say someone: “Dude, I love you!!!” freak it’s a nightmare. I know how much guts you need to have to say this. But the point is not about saying your feelings, but about at least letting the other one give a hint about your feelings. We girls usually are too laid back when it comes to proposing and all. I being a girl grown up with guys should’ve the guts to say a guy about my feelings, but damn I am the dumbest of all when it comes to relationships.  Girls like me and Shrabani are the oldies kind of girls, who believe in the traditional way of proposing: ‘A guy tells the girl about the feeling and then a date and then happily ever after!!!’ CRAP!!! Now I feel how dumb I have been all my life, hiding feelings from my crushes.


But as we say, it’s never too late. It’s just the 22nd year of our life that’s going to hit us!!! This is just the beginning!!! My friend who is reading this would have a smile on her face. Let me tell you one thing: “life is full of surprises. If we knew what would happen next in our life, then that would be SAD!!! Maybe today you are sad because you lost the one you liked, but you should be glad, because, your options are now open!!! Look around in the right manner and you’ll know what is in store for you.”

Maybe I shouldn’t say it unless I don’t practice it, but just speak your heart out to a person. You hate him, just say it!!! You want to get a guy laid, let him know about it. You want to date him, say it!!! Just say what’s there in your heart, at least in the long run you won’t regret thinking: “I could have…”

Well I guess a lot of preaching is done for today. Live life, as it comes and be sure of what you do. Do everything with dignity and life would be really NICE!!!


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