Respect HER!!!

A man saying something that hurts a female is OK but a girl saying something to a man, hurts his f*kcing ego!!! A man who raises his hand on females is nothing but showing that how WEAK that man is internally. A female like me can insult a guy and rip his ego off just by words and all a guy can do is raise his hand to show WHAT??? He is a MAN??? A man with real b*lls would never raise his hand on a woman.


I really feel pity when I think about the men who have to use HANDS and show their strength by raising hands on a woman who just hurts his ego with words. Female have certainly got the guts to face a man with words, eyes and stern attitude, while a man needs to have strength and ability to hit a woman to show his MALE STRENGTH!!! These men are not only retarded but also very LAME to do so.


When a man hits a woman, she might be bruised or will bleed for few days, but the words used by a woman for a man hurts him for years and maybe for a lifetime in some cases… this one is going on the wall of the guy I need to send the message to and a small request to him, “Respect women. She is the one who gave birth to you. She is the one who is taking care of you as a sister, mother, daughter and wife. The one who teaches you ABC is no one but your school teacher. The god whom you pray is nothing but SHAKTI!!! Try respecting her, you’ll get more than you deserve, try to hurt her and this is what you’ll get TEARS!!!”


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