Why Say NO to DATE???


Not turning up for a date without informing is a DISASTER…

Let’s call the person who didn’t turn up for the date as DATE-E and the person who kept waiting as DATE-R!!!

Let’s jot down 10 reasons to why people don’t turn up on a pre planned date:


10. Busy: maybe the date-e was too busy and couldn’t fix the date in the schedule. This is one reason that most of the people give and no one can question this.


09. Unwell: what if the date-e is really unwell and the temperature is rising to 103C… obviously and date-r wouldn’t want to be on date while the date-e is dying with fever!!! One cannot be so inhuman!!!


08. Domestic issues: maybe the date-e got some domestic issues like tap leaking at home or computer not working.


07: Not dressed appropriately: maybe the date-e is not dressed appropriately for the date and doesn’t want to make a wrong impression on the date-r… fair enough.


06: On another date: maybe the date-e forgot that he/ she promised another girl for a date before this main date and then realized and just ran there. A man of principles, I must say!!!


05: Memory lane: maybe the date-e was too upset as he/she might think of some bad/good memory of their first date!!! Sad


04: Hole in the pocket: this is usually applicable for college date-e’s, maybe the date-e’s parents didn’t give the weeks pocket money. Obviously his/her pocket would have a hole and now-a-days dates are too expensive. Acceptable


03: Revenge: possibly that the date-r might have behaved in a rude manner in the past to the date-e and this is the REVENGE TIME!!! Arrrghhhhh!!!


02: Not interested: maybe the date-e is not at all interested in the date-e and the date with the date-e… and that’s the reason, didn’t bother to turn up for the date. 😦


01: Forgot: maybe the date-e completely forgot about the date that was planned and hence didn’t turn up. Time you start making a proper schedule and reminders for everything then!!!


Well these are the 10 reasons that I could think of when it comes to not going on a date. Let the other person know that you’re not coming. Anyway, I am trying to find out more sensible reasons!!! Let’s see… till then keep wordpressing and please inform the date-r if you are not going atleast they can plan for someone else for a date!!! 😛


4 thoughts on “Why Say NO to DATE???

  1. Now way should any guy stand you up unless he is in the emergency room or the morgue! In this day and age of cell phones and e-mail, contacting your date and telling her you can’t make it (presumably for a good and unavoidable reason) as soon as you know this is the case, is just good form. Any guy who doesn’t do this needs to be crossed off your list, no matter what he looks like.


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