Ten Reasons to share room with Best friend!!!

Sharing room with my cousin is bad… I hate dominating people around me… there’s a reason to why I hate dominating people. It’s because two dominating people cannot be in one room!!! I know! I know! The post should be about share your room with your best friend!!! But every positive thing looks positive when there’s a negative start.

Now best friend sharing my room is something that I wouldn’t mind at all… unless that best friend is a girl!!! In my case I have two best friends, one is a boy and I won’t be sharing a room with him… FOR SURE!!! But the other is a girl!!! Rather the regular readers would know that she is Shrabani. No doubts that she is very lazy, but I really don’t mind sharing my room with her for 10 possible reasons.

# 10: Being Lazy:

It’s a good act of roommates being lazy. If your best friend is a hardworking person and you are lazy, then GOD BLESSES YOUR SOUL!!! I am a lazy person, declared by my MOM!!! If I start sharing my room with Shrabani, nothing can get better… she is Lazy too, declared by HER MOM!!! Two lazy person, being roommates is ULTIMATE!!!


#09: Talkative:

‘Company’ is something all of us search for. Rather than having a person as a roommate who doesn’t talk, it’s better to have Shrabani in my room. Trust me WE can talk and talk and talk!!! At times I wonder, “what do we talk? How can we have so much to talk on?” but ultimately we end up talking on this.


#08: Good Food:

She is a good cook for sure and I really don’t mind my best friend aka roommate (for this post) preparing Chicken Biryani for me on weekends!!!

#07: Being aware of ALARM:

I am a heavy sleeper. I can’t get up with the alarm tone or door bell while Shrabani is a light sleeper! She can get up when the alarm rings. What could be better than having your best friend sharing your room and you don’t have to bother to switch off the alarm. She would be there to do that. 😛


#06: Flowing beer

It’s never too good to have beer all alone. One needs company to have beer and most of the GIRLI girls don’t like beer but when it comes to Shrabani she is the ultimate person to have beer with. If she is tipsy with the beer she goes all quiet and if I am tipsy I become talkative. And with her consent and my ideas we can have most of the nights as amazing beer nights!!!

#05: Stay up late:

Every night would be full of talks and gossips and food… having your best friend as a roommate can be really amazing as no one would say anything for staying up late…  I and Shrabani can stay up late rather we can stay up till the sun is out and keep on talking without a single yawn!!!


#04: Cleaning up the room:

Having your best friend sharing your room means you don’t have to clean the room all alone!!! The work can be divided between the best friends and that can be fun as well.


#03: They know your pet peeves:

A best friend must’ve known you since a long time and hence knows all your pet peeves. They would know what are the things you hate; like, someone making that sound by scratching the blackboard… eeeksss!!!


#02: No generation gap

There wouldn’t be the main problem called Generation Gap… best friends sharing rooms can discuss anything and everything. I and Shrabani, talk about literally anything, everything and at times they mean NOTHING!!! The thoughts been shared between best friends are usually the same as there is no generation gap!!!


#01: Best friends love each other

It’s always good to be with people who love you. Sharing room with your best friend means there are two people taking care of each other.


So isn’t it good to share your room with your best friend. Well I wouldn’t mind doing that.  I would say yes in a heartbeat if get this chance to share my room with my best friend!!!


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