Ready? Steady? Lets GO!!!!


Planning to go to Shirdi with my best friend Shrabani… not a huge Sai Baba devotee but got the special connection with Shirdi… have been there since I was a child. Shirdi was like my second home, then… now this is one of the things from my 101 wish list blog


I am really not sure if this trip would be a success but I hope that it would be a success… this would be my first trip out of Mumbai without my family. Can you believe? Well I am nervous and scared and equally excited… no bus is booked, no hotel booked… I am just leaving with nothing pre-planned!!! WOWWW!!!

But yeah I can’t be such a big risk taker… would be doing some bookings for sure and would sort out things and would keep things systematic  as far as travel and staying comes. What’s the fun on the trip, the hardships, the excitement, the crazy things, the fear factor and the surprises would be in the above mentioned blog of mine.

Well yeah for those who don’t know I started two new blogs this year:

The first one is

This one has no blog posts yet, but would write on it as and when I complete an event from the list.

The second one is

This is just another Project 365 blog that is the most common one’s… almost all the bloggers have this… but yeah I am going to try something that I am not familiar to, that is Photography…

I hope my Shirdi trip is a success with fun and excitement… bags are almost packed, tickets can be booked by tomorrow, so let’s have some fun Shrabani!!!! Let’s go… 😉


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