close to some; not to all…


So, guess what? People think that when I call them, it’s because I HAVE SOME WORK… WOW… they came to know THE SECRET… lolzzz

Well to be frank, I can’t keep relation with people. I don’t prefer being in touch with people once I am away from them… it is a bad thing in me. But to be frank, why should I always keep the relation?


Now if a person says: “Ashmita can’t keep relations, is not in contact, blah-blah-blah” I would say: “Have you tried contacting me? Have you tried texting me?” the answer is NO. Then why do you expect me to do so?

Just because I don’t contact someone doesn’t mean that I don’t want to talk to them ever. It’s just that I am happy with few people who are really close to me.

I have recently learnt a nice thing from Navin. He had once said that once he moves on in life from a place, he never contacts the people from that particular place. I really find this very interesting… I mean, every time you go to a new place, it’s a good to make new friends, but it’s even better to forget the old ones. Because you never know what memories you’ve with them that would never let you move on in life. I know this logic doesn’t work with my attitude, because I may act a bit SELFISH, I may contact some people if I really need their help.

Anyway, it really does matter as to what people think but yeah end of the day I would do what my HEART says… and my HEART says to be close to some people… Shrabani you are one of them… 🙂

And yeah this blog post will have only two names… SHRABANI and NAVIN…. No other names…. 😉


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