JEALOUSY… a strong word, isn’t it? Yeah it is indeed a very STRONG WORD and more than a WORD it’s a very STRONG feeling…

I remember my first cousin talking about one of my crushes once in life and I had the jealousy in me!!! Then I thought I really love this guy and that’s the reason I was jealous when my didi was praising him…

Then I went a bit more behind, maybe in my teenage and I realized that I was jealous and angry when I and my didi had a fight for a SRK poster… I might be just thirteen then but I was jealous because my didi LOVES SRK… yeah sounds funny!!! But then every actor you liked was like LOVING that actor… finally about the fight on the poster of SRK; SHE WON!!! My dad told me, “beta, give it to her. I’ll bring you a better one.” I never got any poster after that. Anyway!!!

Now if I go more back in life, comes my childhood, when I had to give my favorite t-shirt and shorts to my didi as she wanted it. I was jealous every time she used to wear my favorite t-shirt and shorts and come to visit us. I felt like shouting bad, but no… ASHMITA CHATTERJEE cannot do something indecent!!! **BALLS**

Coming to the present, I was talking to my didi last night and she started the conversation with the guy I liked. And I was there again… JEALOUS!!! So now the problem is not that I loved either of the guy or my favorite t-shirt and shorts or the SRK poster but it’s just that I get that jealousy feeling when my didi is speaking about something close to me… the problem is that the childhood competitions and fight with my cousin has led to JEALOSUY and a BIGGER COMPETITION NOW!!!


Was speaking to Shrabani about this last night and what she said was quite acceptable. She said: “you have better and worse things than this in your life to worry about.” Actually yes, my life has WORSE and better things to cry on. Even if my sister takes one of my crushes, it’s not the end of life for me. It’s just that, since childhood everything MINE was given to her when she asked for it, that is increasing the level of insecurity within me. But yeah all this is just the temporary NAUTANKI of mine… This will be all good with time. Anyway, I am sure, I am going to get a nice blog-post dedication from a dear FRIEND, after this post, that will try to tell me how CHAOTIC I am and how to improve and blah-blah-blah!!!


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